#2 A VC++6 makefile

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I donate to the Tidy project the Microsoft Visual C++
6.0 makefile I made to compile Tidy for Windows.

It is based on the Makefile.nmake file.

It may have some rough edges...

I favor small exe, you may want to favor speed.

Note: VC6 reports a lot of warnings in /W4 mode, I can
send a report or even try and correct them.
For example, in line 1633 of lexer.c, fpi variable can
be used without having been initialized, because on
NT variables are not set to 0 by default.


  • Philippe Lhoste

    Philippe Lhoste - 2002-05-23

    The makefile file...

  • Anonymous - 2002-05-31
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  • Anonymous - 2002-05-31

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    Thanks. I have now added this file to the CVS repository.


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