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  • Uma excelente ferramenta

  • Very nice project! Great tool to develop efficient and fast Multi-Platform Applications

  • This is so good. No issues so far. Everything went smooth, and was compiling my first testing product within a few hours. Single window mode would be nice.

  • Nice.

  • Best of Pascal IDE for crossplatform development.

  • As a user of Delphi since 2.0 I am extremely happy with Lazarus. I can port my oldest stuff over to Linux with small effort, and the portability between systems is a delight. Thanks go to the community for their work, you are fabulous!

  • Some problems for events managment between Windows and Linux architecture. Could it be possible to over ride Windows 32 bits memory managment ? Because i need to make conditional compilation for 32 bits Windows target and 64 bits Windows, 32 and 64 bits Linux target.

  • Very good and comprehensive development environment, that allow to write application in one OS and compile in several (with few changes) others, is very good. Congratulations Lazarus!

  • Very powerful IDE, as multiplatform as it gets.

  • I have been tracking the Lazarus project along with Free Pascal for 15 years and watched it develop into a mature product. It is now very impressive what you can do with it and it truly is cross-platform today. Apps migrate from Windows to OS-X or Linux with typically a minimal amount of effort with the newer releases (>= 1.4). The latest versions of the Lazarus and FreePascal tools can be installed on a Raspberry Pi from source code. Keep up the good work!

  • Love this project.

  • wow !!! see also VRCalc++ OOSL by Adrix on

  • Excelente RAD para entornos empresariales, muy buen gestor de datos y de rápido acomodamiento de los cambios.

  • The best for converting delphi projects do to run on Linux.

  • The best pascal IDE!

  • Perfect works ! I love Lazarus.

  • Lazarus has some fine points when it comes to using a single platform version. But its cross compiling capabilities are poorly documented and just are not worth the effort, no matter how you try to build a cross platform executable, even on Windows 32.64. It would appear the authors either don't test the same code they post, or have not done a clean install for quite some time. If you install Lazarus on Windows 64, it is impossible to build a Win32 executable. If you look at Free Pascal, the compiler engine, you will notice the compiler installs in \lazarus\fpc within lazarus, and in \FPC within free pascal. If you use the fpclazupd program, the fpc compiler installs into \development\fpc and lazarus installs into \development\lazarus. Too many inconsisteices, too many poorly or undocumented features. Just not worth the bother. Too bad for such a nice product. Wiki is out of date and little information on web. Those five star ratings must be from the authors, people who don't cross compile, or friends of the authors. Cross compilers get an F- for useability.

  • The best tool for s/w developers

  • Just great!

  • Excelent

  • Best IDE for pascal

  • The best!!

  • Great project, best Pascal development environment around.

  • Wunderful!

  • A very good IDE, it has so many features and it is so fast, really incredible.

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