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  • The IDE is perfect, and easy to use. I just don't like the GUI, it looks way too old, it should be updated to something like visual studio 2017 interface.

  • Best C++ IDE ever!! Check out my browser, Bruv. This is my startup project as a 14 years old. It's at : Thank You!!

  • Code Blocks is a very good tool for C/C++ especially for me, but there's a major demerit what i have found is(at current whether this is a demerit please help me to find the solution for it) suppose at present if there are 4,5 projects are opened at one time, and if i have opened 4 th project to run, then it would not run the 4th project, it would only run the 1st one again and again, if i have to run another project, then in this case i close all the multiple projects , then i am able to run my current project. Please provide me a resolution? or shall i divert my route to Eclipse or Net beans tools ?


  • #1 OpenSource Fortran IDE PERIOD

  • There's no compiler when I run the program. ''The target directory does not exist''... Help!

  • Code::Blocks is the number one C/C++ IDE forever...

  • Nice. But no new stable version update since a long time. Whereas Eclipse comes with newer updates.

  • nice setup. easy to work for beginner like me coming from java background.

  • Awesome. I use it for C++ coding and teaching.

  • Using CodeBlocks in our project for Fortran with the CB Fortran plugin. This is the only *usable* IDE with working support for modern Fortran! And it can be easily adjusted to your personal/projects requirements using scripts/tools. The default installation has quite too many plugins installed. Some negative points: * Getting/compiling plugins not in the default installer is too difficult. * There are some minor flaws in my worflow with CMake and project-reloading...

  • Good lightweight IDE for C/C++ projects. I`d build shared libraries and applications as well. Good integration with GDB and valgrind. But! there is no version control integration or plugins!? How to work without SCM? Not found how to pass cmd arguments to application. Not found how to using predefined environment variables before run my application. Where output window? Some of the windows has illegal size - f.e. settings -> global variables buttons are hide by window border. Dialog add files has unusable list of file types if you need only C/C++ source or/and headers you need scroll and scroll to up! Suppose that in the future releases you will support Qt development. But anyway this IDE match more than others lightweight F.E. ZinJal and very usable when you use only C/C++ instead of such monsters like NetBeans and Eclipse.

  • I would suggest everybody to try Zinjai (you can find it in sourceforge) much easy and simple, and it is very well supported and maintained.

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  • Cheers

  • Excellent open source project.

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  • The only advantage compared to Eclipse is that CodeBlocks is much faster to load and code. However, if you want to develop big projects such as Python or Moses, forget about it. Go Visual Studio or Eclipse. Design flaws: 1. cannot display data structure in a tree view, i.e., code outline; 2. cannot change hotkeys, it uses ancient Turbo/Borland C++ hot key assignment, e.g., Ctrl+F9 to compile, you need to install addition plugin to change hotkey, this shows it is immature; 3. cannot use Ctrl+Left click to go to declaration and definition; 4. cannot navigate forward and backward using Alt+Left and Alt+Right; 5. does not support nested macro expansion; 6. closed projects is not shown in the workspace, kind of s-t-u-p-i-d. Then what is the use of the workspace; 7. during debugging, mouse hover over can display variable values only for basic types such as float/int/double, but not for STL containers (e.g., vector<string>); watch window sometimes need to be opened manually every time, kind of buggy; 8. smart indent function is not so smart: close bracket indent is not adjusted automatically; upon a newline, in some cases, indent is not auto adjusted; 9. No undo/redo history, cannot go to Nth undo/redo step in the history; 10. program's output is shown in a popup console window but is not captured in the dialog window; during debugging, when the program exits , the console window closes immediately so you cannot see when the program's output; In conclusion, it is only usable for C/C++ beginners, you can use it only for tiny projects containing one or a few source code files, such as using the old Borland/Turbo C++ for programming competitions.

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  • I find a problem when I was using the code blocks, how do I submit it?

  • Good project.

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  • always my fav ;)

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  • very good IDE, the best IDE for C programmers

  • Very professionnal tools !! a must to have !

  • lite, fast and really good IDE

  • handy

  • The Best for Linux!! Simply and Plainly speaking.

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