#112 nbsp removed during conversion to XHTML (tidy.exe)


During conversion of our command specs from HTML to XHTML ready for import into an XML CMS (as legacy documents) we are using Tidy. Our thanks to all who work here!

The problem is that our command specs rely heavily on   characters to format the commands as follows:

<A HREF="../../intrpt.htm" TARGET="_top">INTRODUCE_PART</A>(
&#160;&#160;&#160;DISC_SPACE=</TT><I><FONT COLOR="#000099">disc-names</FONT></I>

&#160;&#160;&#160;DATA_SPACE=</TT><I><FONT COLOR="#000099">required-size

Where INTRODUCE_PARTITION is the command and the following lines are the options.

Why does Tidy remove these spaces? I studied the XML and XHTML specifications to see if &nbsp; and &#160; were deprecated in XHTML but couldn't find anything.

Is it a bug or a feature? :-)



  • rpineger

    rpineger - 2007-05-01
    • summary: nbsp removed during conversion to XHTML --> nbsp removed during conversion to XHTML (tidy.exe)
  • Björn Höhrmann

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    Could you make a simple test case in a separate file and attach it? Generally speaking, Tidy should not remove non-breaking spaces, but it's difficult to tell from the pasted code what might be going on.

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