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SoapUI 4.6 - REST In Progess

We’re happy to let you know that we have released SoapUI 4.6 – REST In Progress! This is the first of several releases which aims at improving the REST-testing capabilities of SoapUI and SoapUI Pro.

When we added REST-testing support in SoapUI all the way back in 2008 and version 2.5, REST wasn’t nearly as popular as it is today. Since 2008 we’ve seen boom in the API-industry. In terms of public API:s, ProgrammableWeb went from having 750 public APIs in 2008 to today having more than 9,500. While SOAP is continuing to grow, REST has been outpacing adoption in terms of public APIs – more than 60% of the APIs listed in ProgrammableWeb’s directory are REST-based.
In SoapUI 4.6 we begin our journey to creating a more easily understandable and more powerful REST-testing experience in SoapUI. This first release makes the time-to-test for REST-projects much faster, due to improvements in both GUI and methodology. It is now much easier and quicker to set up a REST-based project, and we’ve started the swtich of SoapUI’s approach from an academic REST approach to a more pragmatic approach to REST.
We really want to know your feedback regarding this release, and what you would like to see in upcoming REST-releases. Help us out by giving us your feedback.
Read more about the new features in SoapUI 4.6

Posted by Dennis Guldstrand 2013-10-30 Labels: REST API Testing SoapUI

soapUI 4.5- The Big Ears Release!

soapUI 4.5, The Big Ears Release, is the result of the collective opinion of you, our users! We let you vote at what features you would like to see in an upcoming release, and we started coding.

The Big Ears Release includes great features like Test Debugging, Assertion TestSteps, and Message Content Assertion. We’ve also added the powerful Test On Demand feature, which allows you to run your functional tests from other locations around the world, with the use of SmartBear’s cloud.
But don’t just take our word for it, try it out for yourself!... read more

Posted by Dennis Guldstrand 2012-04-10

soapUI 4.0.1- The Security Release is out!

soapUI 4.0.1 - The Security Release is now out. Many users have requested security scans to be added to soapUI.
Adding multiple sets of Security Scans helps you ensure your web services are protected from vulnerabilities.

In 4.0 we added several security tests including: XML Bomb, SQL Injection, Boundary Scan, Malformed XML, Xpath Injection, Malicious Attachment, Fuzzing scan, and many other features.... read more

Posted by Dennis Guldstrand 2011-09-15

soapUI 3.5 - The Protocol Release now out

eviware announces the release of soapUI 3.5 – The Protocol Release. This release extends the capabilities of soapUI to include testing of JMS, AMF, and Databases.

JMS is supported through integration with HermesJMS. JMS has been high on the wish list from our enterprise users in order to support for example MQ-Testing, while the AMF support is a welcome addition for our Flash end Flex developers in the community who has been noticing that there has been a shortage of a good tool for the AMF RIA testing. The Database Testing through JDBC enables end to end testing; we’ve had numerous Feature Requests for making it possible to verify data integrity in combination with Web Service Testing. All can be run as Load Tests as well. ... read more

Posted by Niclas Reimertz 2010-03-02

soapUI 3.5 beta2 now available

soapUI 3.5 Beta2 - the protocol release - is now available boasting adding improved JMS, JDBC and AMF testing support. Read all about the new version and download from

As always great thanks to our fantastic customers and community for your help and efforts!


Posted by Ole Lensmar 2010-02-02

soapUI 3.0.1

eviware is happy to announce the soapUI 3.0.1 release which contains a bunch of bug-fixes and some improvements as well;

- Updated installers for Mac, Linux and 64-bit Windows (without JRE)
- Updated components/libraries: JXBrowser 1.3 + hotfixes, Groovy 1.6.4, WSS4j 1.5.8, XML-Sec 1.4.3,
Bouncycastle 1.43, JTidy r820
- Fixed Java 1.5 compatibility
- Updated Launch-dialogs to support all current command-line option
- Database configuration, password-handling and encryption fixed (Pro-only)
- JasperReport-template adjustments (Pro-only)
- Null-pointer fixes in WS-Security handling
- Fixed sorting of properties
- Fixes related to names containing leading/trailing spaces
- WSDL-loading-related fixes (redirects and schema overrides)
- REST-related fixes and improvements
- New: Possibility to insert file as base64 encoded string (Thank you Cory!)
- New: Groovy scripts are now run in seperate thread when running in TestStep editor (Thank you Piotr!)
- New: MockServices now don't require SOAP Action by default (Thank you azl!)
- New and experimental: Deploy as WAR (from Project menu), packages the project as a WAR file for running
MockServices inside an existing servlet container.
- and many more fixes..... read more

Posted by Ole Lensmar 2009-08-10

soapUI 3.0 beta

eviware is happy to announce the beta2 release of soapUI 3.0, the Reporting Release. The second beta fixes many bugs and adds a bunch of minor improvements, all thanks to our fantastic users and community.

- read more about the 3.0 release;
- download the latest beta from sourceforge;
- try the soapUI Pro 3.0 beta with even more goodies; read more

Posted by Ole Lensmar 2009-06-10

soapUI: 2.5.1 release

soapUI is the leading desktop application for inspecting, invoking, monitoring, simulating/mocking and functional/load/compliance/surveillance testing of REST/WADL and SOAP/WSDL-based Web Services over HTTP.

We are happy to release soapUI 2.5.1 which includes updates IDE plugins for NetBeans, IDEA and Eclipse, and a large number of bug-fixes and minor improvements. As always huge thanks to our customers and community!... read more

Posted by Ole Lensmar 2009-02-02

soapUI: 2.5 - the REST Release

soapUI is the leading desktop application for inspecting, invoking, monitoring, simulating/mocking and functional/load/compliance/surveillance testing of SOAP/WSDL-based Web Services over HTTP.

soapUI 2.5 introduces support for testing of RESTful services, including Inspection, Invocation, Functional Tests, Assertions and LoadTests. soapUI 2.5 allows tests of both WADL supported and WADLess RESTful Services. The REST testing support makes soapUI the first testing tool to properly support REST Testing.... read more

Posted by Ole Lensmar 2008-11-19

soapUI 2.5 beta2 release

We are happy to release beta2 of soapUI 2.5, the REST Testing release. The beta2 features a bunch of improvements and fixes:
- Much Improved WS-Addressing support
- SOAP-Monitor now support HTTP Tunnel now with SSL support (replaces TCP-Tunnel in 2.0.2)
- REST improvements
- Improved REST Representation handling
- Option to not URL-Encode parameter values
- Mock-related improvements
- MockResponseStep -> open sourced from soapUI Pro, load-test/sync improvements
- MockOperation Query Dispatch
- MockService wire log
- Improved MockService dispatching; support for handling responses and faults
- New Request options:
- Entitize option for Requests
- Option to follow redirects
- MTOM improvements (not require binary datatype)
- Property-Transfer Improvements (entitize, transfer child-nodes)
- Improved Resolve Dialog / Logic
- Command-line improvements
- Fixed command-line runners to run from other directories
- Added –G and –P command-line switches to command-line runners
- Scripting-related:
- Updated to groovy 1.5.7
- Much Improved Groovy Editor
- And a slew of bug-fixes minor improvements ... read more

Posted by Ole Lensmar 2008-11-05

soapUI 2.0.2 Release

eviware is happy to release soapUI 2.0.2 which includes some more bugfixes and improvements:
- Fixed -n option for commandline LoadTestRunner (was incorrectly -h)
- Fixed internal initialization of copied/cloned testcases/teststeps and during loadtesting
- Improved Aut/Header inspectors to be visible for form/overview views
- Fixed quoting of SOAP 1.2 Action in content-type header
- Improved opening of local files in external browser (reports, etc)
- Fixed initialization of custom RequestFilters
- Fixed script-evaluation in MockResponses to allow modification of the responseContent
- Fixed logging/display of failed MockRequests
- Fixed caching of external WSDLs in SchemaComplianceAssertion if another URL was used
- Fixed attribute handling with wildcards
- Fixed NPE on empty response messages
- Fixed a number of typos
- Updated to trunk version of XMLBeans which fixes corruption of project-files on save
- Updated to full version of xercesImpl 2.9.1 for full JAXP functionality
- etc..... read more

Posted by Ole Lensmar 2008-01-28

soapUI: 2.0.1

soapUI is a desktop application for inspecting, invoking, monitoring, simulating/mocking and functional/load/compliance testing of web services. It is mainly aimed at architects/developers/testers providing and/or consuming web services in any language.

soapUI 2.0.1 is mainly a bug-fix release, the following have been fixed:
A large number of important bug-fixes and a small number of improvements:
- Updated Groovy to 1.5.1
- Fixed Keystore-initialization to use specified provider
- Fixed NPE when initializing properties
- Fixed corruption of PropertyTransfer, ConditionalGoto and RunTestCase teststeps
- Fixed invalid Regular Expression in XSDs to get discarded and show a warning
- Fixed parallell execution of TestCases in TestSuites
- Fixed encoding-problems when compiling Groovy Scripts
- Added support for %20 as space-delimiter in command-line arguments (for unix/linux)
- Fixed check to recreate messages when updating interface
- Fixed global properties as PropertyTransfer targets
- Fixed NPE:s in related to TestCase and MockService logs
- Fixed DnD of requests to TestCases
- Memory fixes
- etc..... read more

Posted by Ole Lensmar 2008-01-16

soapUI 2.0 Final

eviware is happy to announce the final release of soapUI 2.0. Major new features compared to the previous 1.7.6 version are:
- Extensive WS-Security support (encryption, signature, etc..) in both requests, MockServices and monitoring
- SOAP Monitoring for monitoring/capturing traffic
- Much extended scripting possibilities using groovy
- Extended property management for complex testing scenarios
- New TestSteps and options to control Test flow
- SSL and WSDL publishing support in Mock Web Services
- Extended metrics for both projects and interfaces
- ... and of course a large amount of minor improvements and bug-fixes... read more

Posted by Ole Lensmar 2007-12-14

soapUI 2.0 beta1

eviware is proud to release the first beta of soapUI 2.0. Major Improvements are:

- Improved WS-Security support for signing/encrypting messages
- Integrated SOAP Monitor for recording live traffic and converting it into runnable TestCases and MockServices
- Much Improved scripting and properties support for creating complex test setups
- MockServices have been extended with SSL Support and WSDL exposure
- Full drag-and-drop for moving/copying items in the project structure
- etc.. etc..... read more

Posted by Ole Lensmar 2007-11-15

soapUI 1.7.6

soapUI is a desktop application for inspecting, invoking, mocking and functional/load/compliance testing of web services over soap/http. It is mainly aimed at developers/testers providing and/or consuming web services (java, .net, php, etc).

eviware is happy to release soapUI 1.7.6 which is an intermediary release providing general functionality and UI improvements (on top of a bunch of bugfixes). Most Notable are:... read more

Posted by Ole Lensmar 2007-09-27

soapUI 1.7.5 final

soapui is a desktop application for inspecting, invoking, implementing and functional/load/compliance testing of web services over soap/http. It is mainly aimed at developers/testers providing and/or consuming webservices (java, .net, php, etc).

eviware is happy to release the final version of soapUI 1.7.5 which includes a large number of community requests/improvements and more power and productivity enhancements to soapUI Pro Users.... read more

Posted by Ole Lensmar 2007-08-08

soapUI 1.7.5 beta2

soapUI 1.7.5 beta2 contains a small number of improvements and a bunch of bugfixes:

* Rudimentary support for wildcard element/attribute values in the matching
XML of XPath Contains assertions, which eases comparisons of large XML blocks.
* A dedicated Error Log which makes it easier to understand errors and report them back to us :-)
* Action to import global preferences from an existing soapUI installation.
* An "Add Endpoint to Interface" action for easily adding MockService endpoints to their mocked Interfaces. Changing the MockService endpoint will automatically update the associated Interface Endpoint as well.
* Request/MockResponse option option to dynamically remove empty content from outgoing requests, which can be usefull when performing data-driven tests where not all data is available in each iteration.
* Request/MockResponse option for automatically encoding attachments as specified by their associated WSDL Part (base64 or hexBinary)
* Fixed WSDL import to allow redefinition of global types/element (can be turned off in WSDL Settings). Thanks to Lars Borup Jensen!
* Some more dependency updates:
o log4j to 1.2.14
o xmlunit to 1.1
o commons-ssl-0.3.4 to not-yet-commons-ssl-0.3.8
* etc... read more

Posted by Ole Lensmar 2007-07-11

soapUI 1.7.5 beta1

We are happy to announce soapUI 1.7.5 which features a large number of community requests and improvements, including

* Extensive support for cloning/moving TestSteps/TestCases/TestSuites withing/between projects
* Workspace management
* Enhanced generation of TestSuites
* Enhanced generation of MockServices
* A new Response SLA Assertion (Contribution by Cory Lewis!)
* Possibility to reorder TestCases within a TestSuite
* Possibiliy to Disable/Enable TestSteps
* Improved "Update Definition" functionality
* And many more.. see for a more complete list... read more

Posted by Ole Lensmar 2007-07-02

soapUI 1.7.1

Hi all!

soapUI 1.7.1 with included IDE plug-ins is out! This is mainly a bug-fix release, but also includes a much improved NetBeans plugin;
- Several memory and UI-related performance fixes
- Project Integration for NetBeans IDE Plugin (together with demonstration movies);
- Improved editor focusing int request/response editors when switching tabs
- Fixed script context access in MockResponse TestSteps (soapUI Pro only)
- Added a Script Assertion for arbitrary request/response assertions (soapUI Pro only);
- Added a GroovyUtils class for simplifying common scripting tasks (soapUI Pro only);
- And many more minor improvements and bug fixes! ... read more

Posted by Ole Lensmar 2007-05-08

soapUI 1.7 Final

We are happy to announce the final version of soapUI 1.7.
The major improvements in 1.7 from 1.6 are

- Mocking of Web Services directly from within soapUI
- Support for importing SOAP 1.2 bindings
- New Tool Integration for JBossWS wsconsume
- New Tool Integration for Oracle wsa.jar utility
- Improved WSDL-inspector
- New SSL-inspection tab showing peer certificate information
- and much much more.. ... read more

Posted by Ole Lensmar 2007-04-10

soapUI 1.7 beta2 plugins

We are happy to release updated plugins for maven, eclipse, netbeans and intellij in line with yesterdays soapUI 1.7 beta2 release

- The eclipse plugin is also available through the update site at
- The IntelliJ plugin is also available through the IntelliJ Plugin Manager

Both the maven and maven2 plugins are available for our online maven-repository as described in the user-guide on the website.... read more

Posted by Ole Lensmar 2007-03-15

soapUI 1.7 beta2

We are happy to announce the beta2 release of soapUI 1.7!

The beta2 release adds the following features above those accumulated fixes in the recent
snapshot releases (

* Initial Support for importing SOAP 1.2 bindings
* Improved MockOperation editor and possibility to dispatch to a MockResponse with a Groovy Script
* Possibility to set default Look and Feel
* Possbility to turn off multipart attachments
* Check for external modification of project files before saving
* Option to assign new endpoint to existing requests when updating a WSDL
* Fixed right-button menus on Mac
* Fixed teststep naming when inserting new Request Steps
* Increased maximum number of threads to 9999
* Fixed wstools commandline runner error and updated to wsconsume in alignment with final JBossWS 1.2.0 release
* Fixed closing/release of exported attachments
* Fixed support for quoted charset values both for requests and mockresponses
* .. and more internal refactorings and minor improvements ... read more

Posted by Ole Lensmar 2007-03-14

soapUI 1.7 eclipse-plugin beta1


We are extremely happy to finally release a soapUI plugin for eclipse with full soapUI functionality in alignment with soapUI and the other IDE plugins. The plugin makes use of the SWT_AWT bridge which greatly eases our development effort but may result in graphical glitches with dialogs and some window updates.. but all core functionality should be working ok (let us know otherwise!).. ... read more

Posted by Ole Lensmar 2007-02-14

soapUI 1.7 beta1

eviware is extremely happy to release the first beta of soapUI 1.7, which adds a large number of major and minor improvements and bugfixes, most notabely the ability to create Mock implementations of WebServices directly within soapUI.

This opens for a number of usage scenarios, including:
- Rapid Prototyping of WebServices; generate a complete static mock implementation from a WSDL in seconds and add dynamic functionality using Groovy.
- Client testing/development; create mock implementations of desired operations and set up a number of alternative responses (including scripts, attachments and custom http-headers). Clients can be developed/tested without access to the "live" services. Responses can be cycled, randomized or selected with XPath expression from incoming request
- Test-Driven Development; Create soapUI TestSuites/TestCases against MockServices before/during the actual services have been/are being implemented
- etc..... read more

Posted by Ole Lensmar 2007-02-09

soapUI maven 2.X plugin

We are pleased to announce the first beta of our soapUI plugin for maven 2.X featuring functional/loadtest-runners and code-generation from within the maven 2 build process.

Please


Posted by Ole Lensmar 2006-11-28