soapUI: 2.5 - the REST Release

soapUI is the leading desktop application for inspecting, invoking, monitoring, simulating/mocking and functional/load/compliance/surveillance testing of SOAP/WSDL-based Web Services over HTTP.

soapUI 2.5 introduces support for testing of RESTful services, including Inspection, Invocation, Functional Tests, Assertions and LoadTests. soapUI 2.5 allows tests of both WADL supported and WADLess RESTful Services. The REST testing support makes soapUI the first testing tool to properly support REST Testing.

soapUI 2.5 also includes WADL generation and from WADLess services and Documentation generation from both WADLed and WADLess Services.
soapUI 2.5 will allow you to test both XML and JSON output from RESTful Web Services.

soapUI 2.5 also contains an additional number of features such as
* Support for WS-addressing
* Encrypted Projects
* SSL Tunneling and recording of SSL Communication
* etc..

Read more about the new release at Download from

As always a huge thanks to our customers and community! /eviware-team

Posted by Ole Lensmar 2008-11-19

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