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soapUI 1.7.5 beta1

We are happy to announce soapUI 1.7.5 which features a large number of community requests and improvements, including

* Extensive support for cloning/moving TestSteps/TestCases/TestSuites withing/between projects
* Workspace management
* Enhanced generation of TestSuites
* Enhanced generation of MockServices
* A new Response SLA Assertion (Contribution by Cory Lewis!)
* Possibility to reorder TestCases within a TestSuite
* Possibiliy to Disable/Enable TestSteps
* Improved "Update Definition" functionality
* And many more.. see for a more complete list

Also a large number of bugs have been fixed, including
* MimeBinding not read correctly
* Bad mock operation for operation within mimeBinding
* Error referencing included schema types in the default ns
* WsdlMockResult.setRe_ponseContent
* HTTP headers do not get copied to TestCase
* Loadtest thread count has UI limit of 100 threads,
* soapUI uses startinfo XOP header rather than start-info
* Junit Report times incorrect
* and many more...

As always we owe great thanks to our users for testing and giving us feedback on
bug-fixes and improvements..

Read more about the release (with download links) at:



Posted by Ole Lensmar 2007-07-02

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