soapUI 3.5 - The Protocol Release now out

eviware announces the release of soapUI 3.5 – The Protocol Release. This release extends the capabilities of soapUI to include testing of JMS, AMF, and Databases.

JMS is supported through integration with HermesJMS. JMS has been high on the wish list from our enterprise users in order to support for example MQ-Testing, while the AMF support is a welcome addition for our Flash end Flex developers in the community who has been noticing that there has been a shortage of a good tool for the AMF RIA testing. The Database Testing through JDBC enables end to end testing; we’ve had numerous Feature Requests for making it possible to verify data integrity in combination with Web Service Testing. All can be run as Load Tests as well.

soapUI now supports WS, REST, HTTP, JMS, AMF and JDBC testing, making the name soapUI a bit silly, but who’d a thunk it when we posted soapUI in sourceforge four years ago?

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We'd like to thank the community for helping us with feature requests, bug reports, praise, and critique. Keep'em coming!


Posted by Niclas Reimertz 2010-03-02

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