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soapUI 4.0.1- The Security Release is out!

soapUI 4.0.1 - The Security Release is now out. Many users have requested security scans to be added to soapUI.
Adding multiple sets of Security Scans helps you ensure your web services are protected from vulnerabilities.

In 4.0 we added several security tests including: XML Bomb, SQL Injection, Boundary Scan, Malformed XML, Xpath Injection, Malicious Attachment, Fuzzing scan, and many other features.

With the 4.0.1 release we address a few bugs that came with 4.0, while also improving some functionality improvements.

Read more about 4.0.1:

Download from sourceforge:

Thank you everyone who contributed! Without your bug findings, feature requests, kind words, and critique this wouldn't have been possible!

/The soapUI Team
SmartBear Software

Posted by Dennis Guldstrand 2011-09-15

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