soapUI 2.5 beta2 release

We are happy to release beta2 of soapUI 2.5, the REST Testing release. The beta2 features a bunch of improvements and fixes:
- Much Improved WS-Addressing support
- SOAP-Monitor now support HTTP Tunnel now with SSL support (replaces TCP-Tunnel in 2.0.2)
- REST improvements
- Improved REST Representation handling
- Option to not URL-Encode parameter values
- Mock-related improvements
- MockResponseStep -> open sourced from soapUI Pro, load-test/sync improvements
- MockOperation Query Dispatch
- MockService wire log
- Improved MockService dispatching; support for handling responses and faults
- New Request options:
- Entitize option for Requests
- Option to follow redirects
- MTOM improvements (not require binary datatype)
- Property-Transfer Improvements (entitize, transfer child-nodes)
- Improved Resolve Dialog / Logic
- Command-line improvements
- Fixed command-line runners to run from other directories
- Added –G and –P command-line switches to command-line runners
- Scripting-related:
- Updated to groovy 1.5.7
- Much Improved Groovy Editor
- And a slew of bug-fixes minor improvements

Download and enjoy from sourceforge:

As always a huge thanks to all our great customers and community!


Posted by Ole Lensmar 2008-11-05

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