soapUI 1.7.5 beta2

soapUI 1.7.5 beta2 contains a small number of improvements and a bunch of bugfixes:

* Rudimentary support for wildcard element/attribute values in the matching
XML of XPath Contains assertions, which eases comparisons of large XML blocks.
* A dedicated Error Log which makes it easier to understand errors and report them back to us :-)
* Action to import global preferences from an existing soapUI installation.
* An "Add Endpoint to Interface" action for easily adding MockService endpoints to their mocked Interfaces. Changing the MockService endpoint will automatically update the associated Interface Endpoint as well.
* Request/MockResponse option option to dynamically remove empty content from outgoing requests, which can be usefull when performing data-driven tests where not all data is available in each iteration.
* Request/MockResponse option for automatically encoding attachments as specified by their associated WSDL Part (base64 or hexBinary)
* Fixed WSDL import to allow redefinition of global types/element (can be turned off in WSDL Settings). Thanks to Lars Borup Jensen!
* Some more dependency updates:
o log4j to 1.2.14
o xmlunit to 1.1
o commons-ssl-0.3.4 to not-yet-commons-ssl-0.3.8
* etc

* Fixed move TestCase up/down with keyboard
* Fixed validation mocking of RPC operation requests with attachments
* Fixed Termination of CommandLine TestRunners
* Fixed null column values in JDBC DataSource results to be replaced with empty string
* Fixed spawning of HTML Reports to use default system browser on Windows
* Fixed stripping of whitespaces to also remove comments
* Fixed attachments tab title update for mock responses
* Fixed skipping of projects with running tests when auto-saving
* Fixed form-editor to insert xsi:nil="true" on empty nillable fields
* etc..

As always, a huge Thank You to our community, and please don't hesitate to report any issues, etc..


Posted by Ole Lensmar 2007-07-11

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