soapUI 3.0.1

eviware is happy to announce the soapUI 3.0.1 release which contains a bunch of bug-fixes and some improvements as well;

- Updated installers for Mac, Linux and 64-bit Windows (without JRE)
- Updated components/libraries: JXBrowser 1.3 + hotfixes, Groovy 1.6.4, WSS4j 1.5.8, XML-Sec 1.4.3,
Bouncycastle 1.43, JTidy r820
- Fixed Java 1.5 compatibility
- Updated Launch-dialogs to support all current command-line option
- Database configuration, password-handling and encryption fixed (Pro-only)
- JasperReport-template adjustments (Pro-only)
- Null-pointer fixes in WS-Security handling
- Fixed sorting of properties
- Fixes related to names containing leading/trailing spaces
- WSDL-loading-related fixes (redirects and schema overrides)
- REST-related fixes and improvements
- New: Possibility to insert file as base64 encoded string (Thank you Cory!)
- New: Groovy scripts are now run in seperate thread when running in TestStep editor (Thank you Piotr!)
- New: MockServices now don't require SOAP Action by default (Thank you azl!)
- New and experimental: Deploy as WAR (from Project menu), packages the project as a WAR file for running
MockServices inside an existing servlet container.
- and many more fixes..

Read more about the 3.0 release at

Download from

Check out the Pro version with even more features and guaranteed support;

Who can we thank more than our customers and users? no-one! Thank you all!


Posted by Ole Lensmar 2009-08-10

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