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SkyEye-1.3.2_rc1 Released

Now we are glad to announce that Skyeye-1.3.2 is released after several monthes development. Comparing the last version.The big changes are:
* Add s3c6410 simulation by Du and unmodified linux of S3c6420 can run on SkyEye. We expect to run android in next release. The related documentation can be found at:
* Add unaligned memory access by YZheng. And now powerpc can use our common memory module.
* Add an independent 16550 uart module. You can add a uart for a virtual board by just adding one line on your config file.
* Add signal and address mapping API for supporting modular device better.
* Add a scheduler for faster IO simulation.
* Add a SOC directory and change almost all the arm machine module to the independent module.... read more

Posted by kangsh 2010-11-19

SkyEye-1.3.1 is released!

SkyEye-1.3.1 Release Notes

SkyEye-1.3.1 is released after eight months effort. Although we have done a lot of modifications, still have a lot of things that need to
be improved in our mind. In this release, both rpm package in binary format and source package are released.

The major improvement as the following:

* Support s3c2440 platform. Now we can run unmodified linux kernel on SkyEye.
* Support mpc8641d platform simulation. Now we can run unmodified linux
kenenl on SkyEye, but running application on mpc8641d have some issues.
* Fix the bug of return value in arm. Now we can run kernel module of linux on the SkyEye.
* Re-enable remote gdb debugger on the arm and powerpc platform. You should get the usage information from SkyEye user manual.
* Add net mode for uart output. That means you can redirect the output of
uart to some TCP/IP port.So you can get the uart output in another machine of the same network.
* add bus-log command so that you can record memory read/write activities.... read more

Posted by kangsh 2010-08-13

SkyEye-1.3.0_rc1 is released

SkyEye-1.3.0_rc1 based on SkyEye-1.2.9_rc1, has fixed most of the bugs in SkyEye-1.2.9_rc1. In this version , x86 simulation is added. The
following is the detail.

1. New features in SkyEye-1.3.0_rc1
1.1 Porting x86 simulation from Bochs project to SkyEye. Now most of
bochs testcases also can run on SkyEye.
1.2 Add ltdl as the wrapper of shared library. So we can generate dynamic module of SkyEye under non-linux platform.
1.3 Add a lot of fixes against build issues under MingW environment.
1.4 Add register mechinism for touchscreen buffer.Now the testcases
related to touchscreen can run.
1.5 Fix ths bus in flash simulation. Now the testcases related to Nor
flash can run. ... read more

Posted by Wang Yonghao 2010-01-01

skyeye-1.2.8_rc1 is released.......

skyeye-1.2.8_rc1 is released after several big improvements against skyeye-1.2.7_rc1.
New features is shown as the following:
1. Add mpc8572 support into skyeye. mpc8572 is dual core powerpc processor, and its linux BSP can run on SkyEye .You can find its testcase in out skyeye-testsuite-1.2.8 package.
2. Add sparc support into skyeye. Leon2 BSP of rtems can run with sparc simulation in skyeye-1.2.8
3. code coverage is improved. we fixed several bugs in code coverage ,and define a file format for profiling data file. You can refer to the file misc/code_cov/prof_convert.c
4. Add bfd library and libiberty library to third-party directory. So we can take use of them in any platform.... read more

Posted by kangsh 2009-04-26

SkyEye-1.2.6_rc1 is released....

Skyeye-1.2.6_rc1 version is only a bug-fix version. Comparing to skyeye-1.2.5, some important improvement as the following:

1. build error on cygwin platform with skyeye-1.2.5
2. LCD display bug in skyeye-1.2.5
3. Some bug fixes against at91 simulation committed by stano
4. fix a bug in flash dump program
5. Load the sections of ELF image to lma, not its vma
6. Some important fix for MIPS simulation ... read more

Posted by kangsh 2008-09-12

skyeye-1.2.5 is released

Waiting for more than six months after last release , skyeye-1.2.5 is released.

Comparing to last version , the biggest change is we use autoconf/automake to build our source tree. So you need to use "./configure;make;make install" to build and install skyeye.

In addition to this, we also have the following improvement:
* Add code coverage profiling feature in SkyEye. You can find some example of code coverage usage from skyeye-testsuite-1.2.5 package.
* Fix several critical bugs in MIPS simulation, but MIPS simulation still not stable.
* Add DSI exception into PowerPC simulation, fix several bugs in instruction implementation. Now we can run UNMODIFIED linux with MPC8560 simulation
* Add load_addr option in skyeye.conf. Now we do not recommend to modify physical address of linux kernel source for running linux on SkyEye. You can use this option to relocated ELF image to any load address.
* cs8900a netcard simulation is improved. We can run ftp , telnet etc. based on it.
* DBCT function is disabled temporarily since autoconf can not detect gcc version. We will fix it later.... read more

Posted by Wang Yonghao 2008-06-10

SkyEye-1.2.4 Release Announcement

SkyEye-1.2.4 Released!

After four months' development, SkyEye 1.2.4 is released now!
Comparing to last release, we have some major improvements in the
following field:
* add mpc8560 support, now Linux-2.6.22 of mpc8560 can run on SkyEye.
More info in
* 2410 nandflash simulation is implemented by gbf0871.That is
impressive.Now we can upload the image by tftp and burn it on flash ,
and run the image. All just is like the real hardware environment.
* add csb350 RTEMS BSP support. Now hello and ticker testcase can run on SkyEye
* rtl22xx BSP of RTEMS also can run on SkyEye, contributed by rayx
* LPC simulation is improved a lot after remap features is implemented
in SkyEye * rtl8019 simulation is improved by Stano.Now it is stable
enough for some network application, ftp etc.
* MIPS simulation is also improved, but linux still can not run on SkyEye.
* Now SkyEye can run on MacOS.... read more

Posted by kangsh 2007-11-16

SkyEye 1.2.3 is released!

After three months' development, SkyEye 1.2.3 is released now!
Comparing to last release, we have some major improvements in the
following field:
* add mpc8560 support, now modified u-boot of mpc8560 can run on
SkyEye.Some bugs still exist.
* S3C3410X simulation.You can find the corresponding testcase from testsuite-2.2
* add coldfire 5249 support, now 5249 part in uClinux-dist-20040408
package can run on SkyEye.Some bugs still exist.
* SST39LF/VF160 flash simulation
* Added DMA, IIS of S3C44B0X simulation
* Added sound device framework
* merge zied's patch for support tracepoint... read more

Posted by Wang Yonghao 2007-06-28

SkyEye 1.2.2 is released.

SkyEye 1.2.2 release now!
Comparing to last release, we have some major improvement in the following field:
* add coldfire 5249 support, now 5249 part in uClinux-dist-20040408 package can run on SkyEye.Some bugs still exist.
* add blackfin 537 support, bf537 part in uClinux-dist-R0504 release of can run on SkyEye.Some bugs still exist.

some minor improvement include:
* 44b0x simulation is improved
* DBCT is enabled on gcc-3.x
* some bugs in remote debug is fixed.... read more

Posted by kangsh 2007-03-13

Skyeye v1.21 is released.

We are pleased to announce the release of skyeye 1.21 version. And
anthonylee do a lot of efforts for testing and development of this
release.The release package and its signature file are able to be
download at
the download section of

Several main improvement compare to the last version as the following:
1. Blackfin simulation is improved. Now you can run R0504 of blackfin
uClinux on SkyEye.But not very stable.
2. BeOS is supported.You can run SkyEye on BeOS.
3. Network simulation on MingW and Cygwin is finished.
4. a "-l" option is added for run un-modified linux kernel on arm platform.
5. a uart simulation framework is finished.... read more

Posted by Wang Yonghao 2007-02-06

Source repository of SkyEye is moved to

Now source repository of SkyEye is moved to webiste.
So development site of SkyEye is located at
Several issues should be noticed:
1.Subversion is employed to manage our source repository.You can
browse source repository by the URL:
There is three sub directories under it :
skyeye-v1/trunk : place our head source code in developing
skyeye-v1/branches: place our branch of SkyEye
skyeye-v1/tags: place some tagged version of SkyEye... read more

Posted by kangsh 2006-12-20

SkyEye-1.2 Release Annoucement

We are pleased to announce the official release of SkyEye-1.2 version
after so long waiting.

There are several improvements in this version compare to the last version.

1. MIPS simulation written by shiyang( is added to
SkyEye and u-boot can run on SkyEye.
2. Several bugs in gdbserver is fixed and RDI is redesigned by
Michael.Kang.Now only support remote debug for arm machine. Remote
debug of SkyEye is more stable and available.
3. Patch for support MingW by Anthony Lee.
4. A little workaround for s3c2410 part in linux-2.6.x.So we can run
linux-2.6 on s3c2410 simulation.
5. Blackfin simulation is improved. But some bugs still exist.
6. Several improvements is done by benno to support Mac OS and arm thumb.... read more

Posted by kangsh 2006-12-20

skyeye-1.2.0-RC8-3 released!

skyeye-1.2.0-RC8 update to version 3 released!
Fixed many bugs and more features! For details see ChangeLog.

Posted by Wang Yonghao 2006-08-12

skyeye-1.2.0-RC7 released!

add ICE breakpoint debug function for SkyEye interpretting execution. now the arm-gdb can remotely debug os running on skyeye.
support ecos for s3c2410 running on skyeye(mmu disabled s3c2410),if open mmu, then have some bug.
fix several bugs.
Thanks Benno,Kang Shuo, Zhao Tan, Lin Xiao Zhu, ...

Posted by Wang Yonghao 2006-04-13

skyeye-1.2-RC6 released

fix some little bugs
update supporting for strongarm, blackfin
please download from

the skyeye testsuit-2.1 also updated, add strongarm and blackfin testsuits, please download from

To Do List:

update more Remote GDB support for ARM (with/without MMU) in SkyEye... read more

Posted by Wang Yonghao 2006-04-04

SkyEye has released skyeye-1.0

Thanks Wang Li Ming, Tea Water and Chenyu :);

now skyeye
1 has a new device framework(thanks WLM)
2 has improved Dynamic Binary Code Translation (thanks Tea Water)
3 be a standalone program (thanks Chenyu)

tested in
X/cygwin on windows: gcc-3.4
linux(debian): gcc-3.4 gcc-4.0

please download from:

Posted by Wang Yonghao 2005-09-18

skyeye-0.9.4 Released

* add s3c2440 simulation
* add files: add s3c2440 mach.
* changed files: add s3c2440 mach.

Posted by Wang Yonghao 2005-04-22

skyeye-0.9.2 Released

Thanks TeaWater and Wen Ye, Yin Wen Chao!

TeaWater add Dynamic Binary Code Translation Support in SkyEye (It will improve the executive speed of SkyEye).

Wen Ye, Yin Wen Chao add Flash Simulation Support in SkyEye.

Posted by Wang Yonghao 2005-04-18

skyeye-v0.8.8.5 Released

skyeye- released!
Now, skyeye can run on cygwin/windows and has a insight IDE environment.

great contribution from:

* base on version 0.8.7
* integrate insight with skyeye, many thanks to watercloud.
* port skyeye to cygwin.
1) temporary disable network simulation on win32.
2) lcd simulation on win32 need gtk support.There are many way to run gtk on win32.
we had test the following two methods.
a)using Xserver(XWin) which delivered with cygwin
b)using GTK binary release for cygwin on
* fix some bugs in makefile, let skyeye can compile in separate path
* Known bug: currently skyeye+insight on cygwin can not corrently deal with console input&output.

Posted by Wang Yonghao 2005-03-15

skyeye-v0.8.7 Released

skyeye-0.8.7 released!
Thanks to shiyang and walimis!
* samsung s3c2410x CPU simulation is completed.
Now SkyEye can boot 2.4.18 kernel for s3c2410 CPU.

Posted by Wang Yonghao 2005-02-07

skyeye-v0.8.5.1 Released

Support single step debug mode
Support new OS: L4
Support new new demo boards:EP9312, AT91RM92, LH79520
Support Linux power consuming calculation for xscale
Add more LCD/touchscreen simulation: AT91X40 PXA2xx

Posted by Wang Yonghao 2005-01-11

skyeye-v0.7.7 Released

- fix bugs in XScale simulation.
- support arm linux 2.6.x for PXA lubbock
- support a embedded OS-elastos

Posted by Ulrich Marx 2004-07-28

skyeye-v0.7.4 Released

- added loglevel support
- improve the simulation speed of SA11xx and PXAxxx
- Bugfixing

Posted by Ulrich Marx 2004-06-09

skyeye-v0.7.3 Released

Skyeye is an Open Source ARM simulator. It provides intergrated simulation environment on Linux and Windows.

- Skyeye now also supports following:
- Tourchscreen, LCD and NIC simulation on EP7312.
- It is now more stable when arm-linux runs on skyeye.
- Added Board simulations
- CS89712, AT91, StrongARM(SA1100,SA1110)
- Supported OS Simulations
- ARM Linux, uClinux, uc/OS-II (ucos-ii)

Posted by Trilok Soni 2004-05-31

skyeye can support XScale PXA 25x simulation

skyeye for xscale snapshot version (very orignal) released. Now it can simulate xscale pxa 250 lubbock developboard!

Posted by yu chen 2003-09-04