SkyEye-1.3.1 is released!

SkyEye-1.3.1 Release Notes

SkyEye-1.3.1 is released after eight months effort. Although we have done a lot of modifications, still have a lot of things that need to
be improved in our mind. In this release, both rpm package in binary format and source package are released.

The major improvement as the following:

* Support s3c2440 platform. Now we can run unmodified linux kernel on SkyEye.
* Support mpc8641d platform simulation. Now we can run unmodified linux
kenenl on SkyEye, but running application on mpc8641d have some issues.
* Fix the bug of return value in arm. Now we can run kernel module of linux on the SkyEye.
* Re-enable remote gdb debugger on the arm and powerpc platform. You should get the usage information from SkyEye user manual.
* Add net mode for uart output. That means you can redirect the output of
uart to some TCP/IP port.So you can get the uart output in another machine of the same network.
* add bus-log command so that you can record memory read/write activities.

Also with a lot of minor fixes as the follwing:
* Fix the segmentation fault when skyeye quit.
* Add non-interactive mode. That is useful for running SkyEye in a text console without GUI.
* restore shutdown features
* restore load_addr option. So you can indicate the load address in skyeye.conf
* Other some fixes.

We also released skyeye-testsuite-1.3.1 that have two new testcases: linux on s3c2440 and linux on mpc8641d.You can download it and test SkyEye with it.
We have test the release package against testsuite a lot on ubuntu 64bit platform and have not fully test on the other platform.

All the SkyEye rpm package and source package can be found at site as the following:

We also updated our three manauls:
* SkyEye User Manaul
* SkyEye Internal
* SkyEye API
They can be found at our site and SkyEye google group.

Bug report:
please report the bug at our site. The URL is :

Known issues:
* blackfin and sparc platform still can not run correctly in skyeye-1.3.1_rc1. We probably restore them in next release.
* In 32 bit platform, remote gdb debugger of SkyEye have some issues.
* Build SkyEye on cygwin still have some issues although we spent a lot of time to try to fix it.

In this release, a lot of guys have contributed their time and energy to develop and test SkyEye. Thanks to all of them.


Posted by kangsh 2010-08-13

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