SkyEye 1.2.3 is released!

After three months' development, SkyEye 1.2.3 is released now!
Comparing to last release, we have some major improvements in the
following field:
* add mpc8560 support, now modified u-boot of mpc8560 can run on
SkyEye.Some bugs still exist.
* S3C3410X simulation.You can find the corresponding testcase from testsuite-2.2
* add coldfire 5249 support, now 5249 part in uClinux-dist-20040408
package can run on SkyEye.Some bugs still exist.
* SST39LF/VF160 flash simulation
* Added DMA, IIS of S3C44B0X simulation
* Added sound device framework
* merge zied's patch for support tracepoint

some minor improvements include:
* Fixed for compiling with gcc-3.x on BeOS
* Fixed skyeye_find_lcd_dma() for support mips architecture
* Changed ARM dependent codes for write more LCD drivers.
* Added a "-b" option to specify big endian when non "-e" option.
* Fixed for running Blackfin/Coldfire/MIPS simulation as non bfd library.
* Fixed some bugs for running RTEMS testcases.

More information, please read ChangeLog in the URL:

Questions,ideas and usage about SkyEye can be discussed on SkyEye maillist:
You are welcome!

The release package and its signature can be downloaded from
You can commit bug at
We tested the release package on Suse 10.2 OS + x86 and Cygwin
+ x86 platform by running skyeye-testsuite 2.2 version.

Thanks all the guys involved in this release, espacially
anthonylee who did most work in this release.

- SkyEye Developer Team

About SkyEye (
SkyEye is an Open Source Software Project (GPL Licence). Origin from
GDB/Armulator, The goal of SkyEye is to provide an integrated
simulation environment in Linux and Windows.

Posted by Wang Yonghao 2007-06-28

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