SkyEye-1.3.0_rc1 is released

SkyEye-1.3.0_rc1 based on SkyEye-1.2.9_rc1, has fixed most of the bugs in SkyEye-1.2.9_rc1. In this version , x86 simulation is added. The
following is the detail.

1. New features in SkyEye-1.3.0_rc1
1.1 Porting x86 simulation from Bochs project to SkyEye. Now most of
bochs testcases also can run on SkyEye.
1.2 Add ltdl as the wrapper of shared library. So we can generate dynamic module of SkyEye under non-linux platform.
1.3 Add a lot of fixes against build issues under MingW environment.
1.4 Add register mechinism for touchscreen buffer.Now the testcases
related to touchscreen can run.
1.5 Fix ths bus in flash simulation. Now the testcases related to Nor
flash can run.

2. Build and Install

2.1 Install from source
You can download the source package skyeye-1.3.0_rc1.tar.gz from the
sourceforge site of SkyEye
Decompress the package: tar xzvf skyeye-1.3.0_rc1.tar.gz
Build and install command: ./configure ; make lib; make ; make install
; make install_lib

3. Testing procedure
The pdf file skyeye_testing_proc-v2.pdf describes the testing
procedure in Chinese. We have run all the procedure under suse 11 and Ubuntu-9.0.4. All the testcases are from the package skyeye-testsuite-1.3.0.tar.gz, that can be downloaded from the sourceforge site of SkyEye.

4. Documentation
There are three manuals in Chinese as the following:
skyeye user manual : describe how to install and use SkyEye, some
commands of SkyEye CLI and all the available options for SkyEye
skyeye programming manual : describe the API, data types etc. provided by SkyEye. Thus you can extend SkyEye by writing your own module.
skyeye internals manual: internal mechinism and implementation detail
for SkyEye.
You can get these above manuals from google group of SkyEye as the
following URL:

One documentation translated by , written in English , can be found at
the following URL:

5. Know issues
Now the testcases for blackfin simulation and coldfire simulation can
not work in Skyeye-1.3.0. They should be fixed in next release.


Posted by Wang Yonghao 2010-01-01

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