Source repository of SkyEye is moved to

Now source repository of SkyEye is moved to webiste.
So development site of SkyEye is located at
Several issues should be noticed:
1.Subversion is employed to manage our source repository.You can
browse source repository by the URL:
There is three sub directories under it :
skyeye-v1/trunk : place our head source code in developing
skyeye-v1/branches: place our branch of SkyEye
skyeye-v1/tags: place some tagged version of SkyEye

2. All the developers of SkyEye who want to get commit permission on
skyeye source send your account name on to You will be added to skyeye group on the to get the permission.Sorry for your inconvenience.

3. Anyone can check out latest source code of SkyEye in any time by
the following command:
svn co skyeye
More info about how to get source can be found in the URL:

4. Recommend svn client can be found in the . If you install some popular linux
distribution. Probably you already have svn client. How to use svn to
do development , you can visit the URL:

5.Old version history of SkyEye have not been migrate to svn
repository on due to some problems on

6.Now forum of SkyEye on the is maintained. You can
ask some questions on the forum located on the URL:

7.Bug tracker of SkyEye on the is employed. You can
submit bug of SkyEye by the

Any issues, please send your email to or just reply this email.

- Thanks
- SkyEye Developer Team ( )

About SkyEye:
SkyEye is an Embedded Hardware Simulation Project. It can simulate
Embedded Computer Systems and other architectures. Some
Operating System, such as ARM Linux, uClinux, uc/OS-II, elastos can
run on virtual hardware provided by SkyEye.

Posted by kangsh 2006-12-20

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