SkyEye-1.2 Release Annoucement

We are pleased to announce the official release of SkyEye-1.2 version
after so long waiting.

There are several improvements in this version compare to the last version.

1. MIPS simulation written by shiyang( is added to
SkyEye and u-boot can run on SkyEye.
2. Several bugs in gdbserver is fixed and RDI is redesigned by
Michael.Kang.Now only support remote debug for arm machine. Remote
debug of SkyEye is more stable and available.
3. Patch for support MingW by Anthony Lee.
4. A little workaround for s3c2410 part in linux-2.6.x.So we can run
linux-2.6 on s3c2410 simulation.
5. Blackfin simulation is improved. But some bugs still exist.
6. Several improvements is done by benno to support Mac OS and arm thumb.

More detaileded information can be found in ChangeLog by visit

The release package is tested on Suse 10.2 and Cygwin platforms by
skyeye testsuite-2.1 package.
The release package and its signature file are able to be download at
the files section of

A tag "Release_1_2" is set in the CVS.

Enjoy it!

- Thanks
- SkyEye Developer Team ( )

About SkyEye:
SkyEye is an Embedded Hardware Simulation Project. It can simulate
ARM based Embedded Computer Systems and other architectures. Some
Operating System, such as ARM Linux, uClinux, uc/OS-II, elastos can
run on virtual hardware provided bye SkyEye.

Posted by kangsh 2006-12-20

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