SkyEye-1.3.2_rc1 Released

Now we are glad to announce that Skyeye-1.3.2 is released after several monthes development. Comparing the last version.The big changes are:
* Add s3c6410 simulation by Du and unmodified linux of S3c6420 can run on SkyEye. We expect to run android in next release. The related documentation can be found at:
* Add unaligned memory access by YZheng. And now powerpc can use our common memory module.
* Add an independent 16550 uart module. You can add a uart for a virtual board by just adding one line on your config file.
* Add signal and address mapping API for supporting modular device better.
* Add a scheduler for faster IO simulation.
* Add a SOC directory and change almost all the arm machine module to the independent module.

Some minor fixes:
* Add a load_file option in skyeye.conf that can load any file to any address of simulated memory.
* Some fixes for gdb remote debugging.
* Some new testcases of latest linux version are added to our testsuite.


Bug report:

The release also include four manuals of pdf version: skyeye user manual in chinese, skyeye API in chinese, skyeye internals in chinese
and skyeye user manual in English. You can found it at the download area at the skyeye sourceforge site.


Thanks all the developer involved in the skyeye-1.3.2_rc1 version.You can get more information
about SkyEye at the offical website:


Posted by kangsh 2010-11-19

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