#1129 items wrongly marked as read

sam tygier

I seem to be having items get marked as read even though I have not read them. This morning I had over 200 unread items, liferea was left open, when I came back to look at liferea there are now only 60 unread. If I rebuild the unread folder it remains at 60. If I look at an individual feed many have no unread items, even though I know I have not read any of them today. I believe the unread count reflects the database, its just that items have had there read flag altered.

.xsession has many
(liferea:12630): Gtk-CRITICAL : gtk_tree_view_scroll_to_cell: assertion 'tree_
view->priv->tree != NULL' failed
(liferea:12630): Gtk-CRITICAL
: gtk_tree_store_get_path: assertion 'iter->stam
p == priv->stamp' failed
(liferea:12630): Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_tree_view_set_cursor_on_cell: assertion 'p
ath != NULL' failed

I have liferea 1.10.3 on fedora 20


  • Lars Windolf

    Lars Windolf - 2013-12-26

    The assertion is probably unrelated.

    The situation you descibe sounds like an effect from too small feed cache setting. Can you check how many items the feeds in questions have (when newly subscribed) and how large the item cache setting in the preferences/feed properties is?

    Also to which counter with "200" are you referring? Folder sum, status bar, tray icon...?

  • sam tygier

    sam tygier - 2013-12-26

    My 'Default number of items per feed to save' is set to 200. I think most of my feeds are set to use 'default cache setting', definitely some that got miss-marked as read that on default. One example feed is http://www.xkcd.com/rss.xml

    the 200 refers to number by there 'unread' folder in the side bar, and also the number when I hover over the systray (they agree).


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