#1126 Middle-click to mark a feed item as read is buggy with "Force Read Full Posts"

Jeff Fortin

Combining the trick exposed in http://lzone.de/Liferea-Trick-7-Force-Read-Full-Posts with the trick of middle-clicking a feed item to mark it as read (as also mentioned in http://lzone.de/Liferea-Trick-1-Middle-Mouse-Button ) will lead to a bug where Liferea marks two items as read instead of one.

To reproduce:

1- have a folder where you have a "normal" feed that we will call "A" (where you read only the syndicated contents in liferea) and one feed that you have configured to load the full feed (thus showing as an embedded webkit view instead of a liferea-formatted view) that we will call "B".

2- Configure liferea to show the unread feed items when clicking a folder. Click the folder to display them.

  1. Have various items of feed "A", with one item from feed "B" in the middle.
  2. Middle-click the item of feed "B".

Sometimes there will be some unexpected behavior where, instead of toggling only the item under the mouse pointer (regardless of selection etc.), it will mark both items as read, and sometimes take them out of the listview completely (in folder view).


  • Jeff Fortin

    Jeff Fortin - 2013-12-07

    Video trying to demonstrate the problem: http://jeff.ecchi.ca/public/liferea-1126.webm

    Between 9 and 12 seconds, I left-click "Maps" Snowstation" (selecting and marking it read) then middle-click "Maps: Thunder". This has the following effect:
    - It marks "Maps: thunder" as read (OK)
    - It removes "Maps: thunder" from the listview
    - It Removes the previes entry, "Maps: snowstation", from the listview
    - It selects and marks the 3rd entry, "Maps: Parpax" as read

    At 13 seconds, I middle-click "Maps: Yocto" below the selected "Maps: Parpax" and then what it does is simply mark Yocto as read and remove that one from the listview. This is what I actually expect in terms of behavior: toggle other entries without changing the current cursor.

  • Lars Windolf

    Lars Windolf - 2013-12-19

    Hi Jeff,

    I know about the effect you describe. It is an add behaviour resulting in the combination of two incompatible features. Due to the nature of GtkTreeView I implemented late removal of read items after unselecting. When you combine cursor based unselecting and middle clicking you get strange behaviour.

    I probably could improve the late removal handling a bit, but I think there are other border cases that cannot be solved. The question is it worth making the logic more complex?

    Thanks as always for your very detailed input!


  • Lars Windolf

    Lars Windolf - 2013-12-19
    • assigned_to: Lars Windolf

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