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flashlinux-0.3.3 now available

Flash Linux is a small Linux distribution designed to fit onto a 256Mb USB Flash key. The current release comes as an ISO image of a Flash Linux "Live CD". The CD includes a script to transfer the CD onto a key. This release contains mostly the same content as the previous release but the JFFS2 filesystem should dramatically increase your keys lifespan.

Posted by Oddjobz 2004-12-27

flashlinux-0.3.2 now available

This release fixes all the problems reported on 0.3.1 (and then some) and adds a couple of new features.

Flash Linux is a compact distribution designed exclusively to run off 256Mb USB keys or other bootable Flash based media.

Posted by Oddjobz 2004-12-02

flashlinux-0.3.1 now available

This should be a very useable Linux distribution designed to fit onto a 256Mb USB key. Includes Gnome 2.8, Evolution 2.0, Gaim 1.0, XChar 2.0, OpenOffice 1.1.3 and more. Includes full hardware detection.

Posted by Oddjobz 2004-11-26

Initial Release due on 25 Nov 2005

Version 0.3 is due for release on the 24th of Nov 2004

This is a technology preview release, it will work well on some hardware and not at all on other hardware.

Be on the lookout for bugs.

Posted by Oddjobz 2004-11-25