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Development Update

I have been busy/lazy for a while, but not anymore. When i get Seven Update to a good point, i will continue development on Pipeline.

I already have been in the process of a UI rewrite to follow windows vista ui formatting and standards. There will also be a few new features and bugfixes.

Posted by sevenalive 2008-04-20

Pipeline is out of Beta

Dear Subscribers:

Seven Software is pleased to announce the first Pipeline Newsletter! After a 2.5 month release hiatus, We are pleased to announce the new version of Pipeline 1.0. Pipeline is now officially out of Beta, the new version will roll out soon. The updater will notify you when its ready. You may start asking what are the new features of Pipeline and why did it take over 2 months. Well that is an easy answer. Pipeline has teamed up with BULocalization SF.Net Project to bring you Pipeline in other languages. The default language is english. There are optional languages available to download via updater. You can help translate Pipeline to your language too!... read more

Posted by sevenalive 2007-09-16

Coming Features

In the next release of Pipeline there are going to be some minor updates, as well as the implementation of localization. We are working on translating Pipeline to Russian and other languages using the BUlocalization, which is an open-source project here right on SF.net.

Expected Pipeline Release in next week.

Posted by sevenalive 2007-08-08 has arrived

Pipeline has arrived with some much needed bug fixes. The cvs will be updated shortly. All pipeline users will be notified of the update when they start pipeline. This is a required update as it fixes some functionality issues.

For the next release : no later than 7-10-07
Auto Sync - This will automatically sync files that have been changed when changes are made to them. Auto Sync will be for Sync jobs only, both one way and bi-directional will be supported.... read more

Posted by sevenalive 2007-06-30

Pipeline RC2 is here

I have just released screenshots, source code, and binaries for Pipeline.

This is the first release on sourceforge.net. The Pipeline Algorithm is extensively tested with each version. Pipeline RC2 was a major overhaul, not only for the Core, but for the UI. Since it was first concieved just 1 year ago, Pipeline has come a long way, from multiple jobs to xml settings.

I really hope you enjoy Pipeline and will love to use it. The web site is being created and will be up ASAP.... read more

Posted by sevenalive 2007-06-06

SourceForge Project Approved

SourceForge just approved Pipeline. I am preparing a public release of pipeline dubbed "Release Candidate 2" Most of the features are present and working. Expected to post RC2 by 6-4-07.

About Pipeline: Pipeline has come along way since it was conceived just one year ago. I still have many features to add and improve. I decided a while back to make pipeline open-source, so other developers can help me make this program great.

Posted by sevenalive 2007-06-03