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JPEGView - Image Viewer and Editor / News: Recent posts

JPEGView 1.0.36 released

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed problem with EXIF rotation combined with 'Keep parameters' mode (F4).
  • Fixed bug causing wrong image display when minimal display time was set in windowed mode.
  • Fixed bug with navigation mode 'Show Subfolders' and 'Show siblings' and WrapAroundFolder=true.
  • Could not load file on command line in current folder without leading .\
  • Made printing more robust when no default printer defined... read more
Posted by David Kleiner 2017-12-28

JPEGView 1.0.35 released

New features

  • Support for AVX2 (256 bit SIMD) on processors providing this instruction set (Haswell and later). 64 bit version only!
  • New admin menu item: Update user setting
    Updates the user settings with new settings from INI template file, while preserving all existing user settings.

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed font handle leak, preventing display of movies with more than 5000 frames when EXIF display was enabled during movie playing
  • Reading/saving auto zoom mode correctly from/to INI file
  • Showing zoom factor correctly during slide shows (when shown in Ctrl-F2 display)... read more
Posted by David Kleiner 2016-04-01

JPEGView 1.0.34 released

New features

  • Printing: Fill with crop mode and ability to move the image with the mouse within the printeable area
  • JPEG comment segment is taken over from existing JPEG when saving to new JPEG
  • Showing some meta data for camera RAW images with F2
  • Considering image orientation from camera RAW images
  • Japanese translation, thanks to Hiroyuki Matenokoji
  • Polish translation, thanks to Damian
  • New INI file settings:
  • SingleFullScreenInstance=true/false
    Allows multiple instances of JPEGView to run in full screen mode
  • UserCropAspectRatio=x y
    Sets the user crop aspect ratio, x and y are integers
  • TransparencyColor=R G B
    Color used for transparent parts of images
  • ShowEXIFDateInTitle=true/false
    Show/Hide the acquisition date from EXIF data in the window title
  • WallpaperPath=path
    Set path to store desktop wallpaper image
  • AutoZoomModeFullscreen
    Set auto zoom mode for fullscreen mode differently than auto zoom mode for windowed mode... read more
Posted by David Kleiner 2016-01-03

JPEGView 1.0.33 released

New features

  • Support for image printing
  • Free rotation can now be stored in the parameter DB if no destructive processing (e.g. crop) has been applied before
  • Free rotation can be chained without error propagation because image is reloaded before rotation is applied.
    This only applies if no destructive processing (e.g. crop) has been applied in the processing chain.
  • New INI file settings:
  • MinimalWindowSize=width height
    Allows setting the minimal window size in pixels
  • MinimalDisplayTime = value
    Minimal display time of an image when using the PgDn/PgUp keys (in milliseconds [0..1000 ms])... read more
Posted by David Kleiner 2015-01-07

JPEGView released

New features

  • Set current image as desktop wallpaper
    You can either set the original image (in Windows XP only BMP is supported) or the processed image as displayed.
    The later is using also the size as displayed.

Bugs fixed

  • More tolerance on corrupt EXIF data offsets - image is now displayed in this case (without EXIF of course)
  • Showing mouse cursor before asking for confirmations if mouse cursor was off before
  • ESC works again when no image is loaded into JPEGView (e.g. because the last image in a folder was deleted)
  • Taking DisplayMonitor into account also in windowed mode, not only fullscreen mode
  • Using forced sort order on command line (e.g. /order Z) also for slideshow lists... read more
Posted by David Kleiner 2014-12-04

JPEGView released

This minor release mainly fixes a performance issue on image prefetching in windowed mode.

Bugs fixed

  • Prefetching image of correct size in windowed mode - prefetching was actually not working in this situation and thus performance was poor in 1.0.32 in windowed mode.
  • Auto-zoom-mode 'Fill with crop': Handling portrait orientation images correctly in all cases

Other changes

  • Expanding environment variables in user commands and open with commands
  • New command available for mapping to a key: IDM_RENAME to rename current file.
    By default this command is not mapped to a key and only availabe by clicking on the file name on the bottom panel.
  • Finer granularity control over deleting files (confirmations, availability)
    AllowFileDeletion=false : Allows disabling file deleting in JPEGView
    DeleteConfirmation=Always/OnlyWhenNoRecycleBin/Never : Controls confirmation when deleting with navigation panel button
  • When deleting files with the navigation panel button (x), a confirmation is required for files that are deleted permanently.
    This is the case for drives that have no recylce bin, like memory sticks or network drives.
  • Updated Portuguese translation
Posted by David Kleiner 2014-03-28

JPEGView 1.0.32 released

JPEGView is now providing a 32 bit and a 64 bit version

New features

  • 64 bit version (in addition to existing 32 bit version)
  • New image processing: Change size (in menu Transform image > Change size)
  • Showing keyboard shortcuts in tooltips of the toolbox buttons
  • Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) translation and updated Chinese translation
  • Improvements in image file deletion:
    • Button on navigation panel and 'Del' key deletes the current image file in the same same way Explorer does (by moving to recycle bin)
    • 'Shift+Del' deletes the current image file permanently... read more
Posted by David Kleiner 2014-03-21

JPEGView released

This is a minor release to fix some bugs and add support for high DPI screens

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed crash when deleting files in 'Show folders and subfolders' navigation mode
  • Filenames with \t in path are now displayed correctly when using customized file name display format

New features

  • JPEGView is now fully high DPI capable (e.g. 200 % -> 192 dpi) and scales all GUI elements properly to high DPI settings.
    This fixes problems on high DPI screens.
  • Ctrl-C also copies the file name to the clipboard so that Windows Explorer is able to paste the original file with Ctrl-V
    Other changes:
  • Moved menu item to store current parameters as default in INI file to 'Setting/Configuration' submenu
Posted by David Kleiner 2014-02-26

JPEGView released

New features

  • New supported file format: TGA (8, 15, 16, 24, 32 bits) - only for reading
  • User commands extensions
    • Shortcuts with modifier keys can now be assigned to user commands. Shortcut format is as in the keymap, e.g. 'Ctrl+P'
    • User commands can optionally be bound to a menu item in the submenu 'User commands' in the JPEGView context menu
  • 'Open with' menu
    • In Settings/Admin it is possible to define applications to be started in the 'Open with' submenu of the JPEGView context menu.
      The applications get passed the current image file name as argument on process startup.
      It is also possible to assign a shortcut key for such an application.
  • Files can be sorted upcounting (default) or downcounting in all display order modes (by date, name, etc)
    • Can be set in the context menu of JPEGView
    • Stored to INI file
  • New INI file setting:
    Setting this to true will enable color management for JPEG images and TIFF images (to the extend GDI+ supports it).
    Default is 'false' because enabling this setting has some disadvantages:
    • Turbo JPEG does not support embedded profiles, so GDI+ needs to be used what is much slower
    • GDI+ cannot read some valid JPEG files (e.g. some grayscale JPEGs, observed with Windows XP)
      Notice that GDI+ does not support V4 ICC color profiles in Windows XP. It does support these in Windows 7/8.
  • New display order mode: Sort by file size
  • New INI file settings:
    DefaultGUIFont=fontName fontSize [bold]
    FileNameFont=fontName fontSize [bold]
    Enables to change the GUI font, its size in points and its weight
  • Esc key can now be re-defined in keymap (e.g. to display to 'Open file' dialog)
    Default remains to exit JPEGView
  • Some minor changes in navigation panel appearance... read more
Posted by David Kleiner 2013-12-13

JPEGView released

New features

  • New command line parameter '/autoexit'. If passed, ESC key will terminate JPEGView also if a slideshow is running or an animated GIF is playing.
    Additionally it will auto-terminate JPEGView after the slideshow has finished when combined with the '/slideshow' command line parameter.
    Thanks to SourceForge user manuthie for implementing this.
  • New command line parameter '/monitor [index]'. Shows JPEGView on the given monitor, overriding the INI file setting.
  • New placeholders that can be used in user commands:
    %exepath% : Path to EXE folder where JPEGView is running
    %exedrive% : Drive letter of the EXE path, e.g. "c:"
  • Displayed image is reloaded automatically when it changes on disk, using a file system change notifier.
    The image list of the current directory is also reloaded when images are added or deleted in this directory.
    To disable the file system notifier, set ReloadWhenDisplayedImageChanged=false in the INI file
  • When canceling the 'Open file' dialog after startup, JPEGView is not terminated but an empty window is shown with some hints what to do.... read more
Posted by David Kleiner 2013-11-02

JPEGView released

New features

  • Support for animated GIFs.
    • Saving GIFs will only save the currently displayed frame.
    • Some image processings (e.g. free rotation, perspective correction) will stop the animation and work on a single frame only
    • No caching of the decoded frames. This has pros and cons. Pro is that memory consumption is limited. Con is that the CPU
      load while playing can be rather high. However on a dual core CPU it's not a problem.
  • Support for multi-page TIFF.
    Note that (singlepage or multipage) TIFFs compressed with JPEG compression are not supported by GDI+.
    This is a known issue of GDI+ that cannot be fixed in JPEGView (except if another TIFF library would be used)
  • WebP library 0.3.0 from Google is now used. This version supports lossy and lossless compression.
    To use lossless compression with the WEBP format, select the "WEBP lossless" file format in the "File Save" dialog.
    Be warned that lossless WEBP compression is very, very slow (decompression is fast however).
  • New INI file setting: FileNameFormat allowing to display configurable information with Ctrl-F2. See INI file for information.... read more
Posted by David Kleiner 2013-04-21

JPEGView 1.0.28 released

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed bug in the window resizing code when 'DefaultWindowRect=max' and toggling between 100 % zoom and fit to window (space key)
  • Fixed bug causing that zoom was not saved to parameter DB when auto fitting window to image was on
  • Fixed bug that file pointer was invalid when deleting last file in folder and WrapAroundFolder=false in INI file
  • New algorithm to guess encoding (UTF-8, ANSI) of JPEG comments when no encoding is explicitly specified... read more
Posted by David Kleiner 2013-03-15

JPEGView 1.0.27 released

Replacement of Intel IJL JPEG library
This version replaces the Intel JPEG library by Turbo JPEG (tjpeg,
The replacement has many reasons:
- The Intel library license was not an open source type license
- Newer versions of the Intel library are not free of charge. The old versions are not supported by Intel anymore.
- Some JPEG files could not be read by the Intel library. tjpeg can read these files.
- There is no free 64 bit version of the Intel library.
(This is important for the future when there may be a 64 bit version of JPEGView)
The tjpeg library is open source and (at least on modern CPUs) performs comparable to the Intel library. It is used by many other viewers and several Linux distributions.
Note that tjpeg including lossless JPEG transformations has been statically linked to JPEGView. Therefore the application has grown by 300 KB. However the total size of the package is lower than before because IJL15.dll and jpegtran.exe are no longer needed.... read more

Posted by David Kleiner 2013-01-20

JPEGView 1.0.26 released

Bugs fixed:
- Lossless rotate and crop now works in folders containing Unicode characters in the path.
Note that the file title must not contain Unicode characters due to the fact that jpegtrans.exe does not support this.
New features:
- Portuguese (Portugal) translation, thanks to Sérgio Marques
- Support for viewing embedded JPEG images in camera RAW files using code from the dcraw project.
- Support for loading images using Windows Image Codecs (WIC). By default WIC is used to load JPEG XR files (also called
High definition photo). When using Windows Vista or Windows 7, the Windows Camera Codec pack can be installed to get
support for full size camera RAW images in JPEGView. Refer to the readme.html for instructions.
- New image processing: Perspective correction, use button on navigation panel to activate
- Rotation and perspective correction: Option to keep aspect ratio when auto cropping
- New INI file setting: 'AutoRotateEXIF' to disable auto rotation of images based on EXIF image orientation tag.
Default is true (the EXIF auto rotation is supported since many versions, this setting is introduced to turn this off).
- New INI file setting: 'ScaleFactorNavPanel' to scale the navigation panel buttons, e.g. to make them larger on touch screens
- Clicking into the image (without dragging) toggles visibility of navigation panel
- Zoom by dragging mouse, activate with 'Shift-left mouse click' or with button on navigation panel
- Random sorting order for images within folder, can be used e.g. for random slideshow mode (activate with 'z' key)
- Improved crop handling: Crop rectangle can be resized using handles
- When in 'Adjust window to image' zoom mode and in window mode, the window adjusts automatically to zoomed image size while zooming
Other changes:
- Russian version of keymap and INI file (KeyMap_ru.txt, JPEGView_ru.ini) containig explanations in Russian. Be aware that
these files must be renamed to KeyMap.txt and JPEGView.ini and copied over the original (English) versions when JPEGView shall use them.

Posted by David Kleiner 2012-01-23

JPEGView released

- Rollback to VS2005 to compile the project because of problems with Windows 7 and Windows XP before SP2.
The Windows 7 issues can be solved by using the latest versions of Windows SDK, WTL and ATL but the XP issue can't.
JPEGView will remain on VS2005 at least for some versions.
For VS2010 users, a solution and project file for VS2010 is included in the source code distribution.
WebP library needs to be compiled with VS2010 as the VS2005 compiler produces crashing code from the Google source -
so WebP will not work in XP SP1 or earlier.
- libwebp_a.dll made delay loaded - therefore JPEGView runs without this DLL when you do not need webp.

Posted by David Kleiner 2011-11-13

Version 1.0.25 does not work under Windows 7

Will be investigated soon, maybe related with new Visual Studio version used (VS 2010)

Posted by David Kleiner 2011-11-12

JPEGView 1.0.25 released

Bugs fixed:
- Previous image now works correctly when WrapAroundFolder is set to false
New features:
- Czech translation, thanks to Milos Koutny
- Greek translation, thanks to Paris Setos
- WEBP image format supported (load and save), using the source code provided by Google
- Keyboard shortcuts are now defined in the file KeyMap.txt, located in the EXE folder. Users can edit the key map if desired.
- New INI file setting: ExchangeXButtons to exchange the forward and backward mouse buttons (default is true, now can be switched to false)
- Putting file name first in window title (as it is convention in Windows)
- Double-click to fit image to screen (according auto zoom mode currently set), respectively 100 % when already fit
- New transformations: Mirror horizontally and vertically (and put the rotation commands also under the new transformations submenu)
Other changes:
- After having had massive problems with a compiler bug when compiling the WEBP source code, I decided to switch to Visual Studio 2010.
Install VS 2010 to compile JPEGView - Express Edition (free) is sufficient.

Posted by David Kleiner 2011-11-12

JPEGView released (Patch for 1.0.24)

Version 1.0.24 has been replaced by this patched version, fixing a crash that happens when resizing images of some sizes

Posted by David Kleiner 2011-10-11

JPEGView 1.0.24 released

Bugs fixed:
- Navigation panel not truncated when window is small, instead the buttons are smaller.
Tooltip texts are also no longer truncated in small windows.
- Modification date displayed with correct time zone adjustment
New features:
- Portuguese translation, thanks to Carpegieri Torezan
- New windowed mode that fits window size to image size, avoiding black borders.
Enable in INI file using:
- New auto full screen mode that starts JPEGView in fullscreen mode when the image is larger than the screen
or in windowed mode (window fit to image) when the image is small enough to fit to the screen.
Enable in INI file using:
Note: This is the new default value in the INI file.
Changed behaviour:
- In the EXIF display (F2), the file name is broken into multiple lines when it is very long
- F11 key is now used for toggling full screen (used to be Ctrl-W). Navigation panel visibility now uses Ctrl-N (instead of F11)
- If the first image shown is smaller than the screen, JPEGView now starts in 'window fit to image' mode.
To restore the old behavior (always use fullscreen), set ShowFullScreen=true in INI file

Posted by David Kleiner 2011-06-16

JPEGView 1.0.23 released

Bugs fixed:
- Improved memory handling for very large images. Read ahead turned off for very large images.
Also improved memory footprint for processing large images by stripwise processing.
Note that images > 100 MPixel still fail loading in most cases (tested with XP and 2GB memory)
- When out of memory, image loading fails with error message instead of crashing
- Set file modification time to EXIF time now correctly considers time zone
New features:
- New image processing: Rotation by arbitrary angle
Using a button on the navigation panel, the image can be rotated with the mouse by a user-defined angle.
The preview of rotation is real-time and uses simple point-sampling. When the rotation is applied to the
image, bicubic interpolation is done, providing a good quality rotated image.
Note that this processing cannot be stored in the parameter DB.
- Lossless crop
- Display of JPEG comments (EXIF user comment, EXIF image description, JPEG COM marker, in this order)
Use INI file setting ShowJPEGComments to disable display of comments
- Set modification time to EXIF time for all files in folder
- New INI file setting: WrapAroundFolder. Can be set to false to disable cyclic navigation
within a folder (going from last to first image)

Posted by David Kleiner 2011-03-07

JPEGView released

This is a patch release!

Bugs fixed:
- Fixed crash on startup when ShowFullScreen=true in INI file
New features:
- Swedish translation (thanks to Åke)

Posted by David Kleiner 2011-02-16

JPEGView 1.0.22 released

Bugs fixed:
- Copying EXIF data when saving image in screen size (Ctrl-Shift-S)
- Fixed crash when window is minimized while slideshow is playing
- Close button is active when moving mouse to top, right corner of screen
New features:
- Histogram can be displayed on the information panel (below EXIF information). Use ShowHistogram INI file entry
to set if the histogram shall be shown on the panel or not. If not shown by default it can be blended in with
a small button on the information panel.
- Updating EXIF thumbnail image when saving processed image
- New button on navigation panel: Keep processing parameters between images
- Changed behavior of fit to screen/actual size button, fit to screen is now default when not yet fit to screen
- Keeping fit to screen when rezising JPEGView window
- Image processing panel: Temporarily reset slider by clicking with the mouse on slider number
- Image processing panel: Reset slider to default value by double-clicking above slider
- Romanian translation (thanks to Silviu)
- Russian translation (thanks to Dmitry)
- Updated Spanish translation (thanks to Daniel)

Posted by David Kleiner 2011-01-14

JPEGView 1.0.21 released

Bugs fixed:
- After saving, navigation panel was not painted correctly sometimes
New features:
- New image processing: Unsharp mask
Using a button on the image processing panel, an unsharp mask can be applied to the original pixels.
Note that preview is always in 100 % zoom. Unsharp masking cannot be stored in the parameter DB and it is not possible to
apply unsharp masking automatically after loading each image (unlike other processings)
- New image processing: Color saturation
Support includes: Saturation on image processing panel, default saturation in INI file, parameter DB and landscape picture mode
- UI colors can be set in INI file. New default colors instead of the traditional green.
To restore the old colors, change them in the INI file to:
GUIColor=0 255 0
HighlightColor=255 255 255
SelectionColor=255 255 0
SliderColor=255 0 0
- New INI file setting: OverrideOriginalFileWithoutSaveDialog
If set to true, Ctrl-S overrides the original file on disk, applying the current processings without showing a dialog or prompting the user to confirm.
Use with care, the original file will be replaced by the processed file!

Posted by David Kleiner 2010-07-16

JPEGView released

Bugs fixed:
- Flag 'ReloadCurrent' used in user commands does no longer keep geometric parameters after reloading (zoom, pan, rotate)
New features:
- French translation
- Korean translation
- New INI file setting: DefaultSaveFormat to set the default format when saving images

Posted by David Kleiner 2010-06-01

JPEGView 1.0.19 release

Bugs fixed:
- Corrected Italian translation
- Hiding of mouse cursor when starting up in window mode and switching to fullscreen mode
- Application shown in taskbar also when the file open dialog is d
New features:
- 'DefaultWindowRect=max' in INI file will start with maximized window (if fullscreen mode is false)
- Dropping files or folders to JPEGView from Windows Explorer now works
- Edit global and user INI file using context menu
- Backup and restore/merge parameter DB using context menu
- Small buttons for minimize/restore/close on top, right corner of screen in full screen mode (only shown
when mouse moved to top of screen)
- New crop modes with fixed aspect ratio and fixed crop size
- Set modification date to current date or to EXIF date
- New command: Ctrl-M to mark file for toggling. Use Ctrl+Left/Right to toggle between marked files
- Showing file name in window title
- Smooth blending in and out of the navigation panel if mouse not moved for some time
- Thumbnail view behavior changed somewhat - pan by click supported

Posted by David Kleiner 2010-03-10