JPEGView 1.0.28 released

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed bug in the window resizing code when 'DefaultWindowRect=max' and toggling between 100 % zoom and fit to window (space key)
  • Fixed bug causing that zoom was not saved to parameter DB when auto fitting window to image was on
  • Fixed bug that file pointer was invalid when deleting last file in folder and WrapAroundFolder=false in INI file
  • New algorithm to guess encoding (UTF-8, ANSI) of JPEG comments when no encoding is explicitly specified

New features

  • Support for slide show transition effects (only in full screen mode)
    This can also be set in the INI file and on the command line, see readme.html for more info about command line parameters.
  • File extensions can be registered to be opened by JPEGView over the 'Administration-Set as default viewer...' menu item
  • New info button in top, left corner of screen in fullscreen mode to show EXIF info. EXIF into closable on the EXIF panel itself.
  • When a supported camera RAW file was excluded in INI file but opened nevertheless in JPEGView (e.g. from explorer), the camera
    raw file type is added temporarily until program termination
  • Russian translation of readme.html
  • Improved Chinese translation
Posted by David Kleiner 2013-03-15

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