JPEGView 1.0.24 released

Bugs fixed:
- Navigation panel not truncated when window is small, instead the buttons are smaller.
Tooltip texts are also no longer truncated in small windows.
- Modification date displayed with correct time zone adjustment
New features:
- Portuguese translation, thanks to Carpegieri Torezan
- New windowed mode that fits window size to image size, avoiding black borders.
Enable in INI file using:
- New auto full screen mode that starts JPEGView in fullscreen mode when the image is larger than the screen
or in windowed mode (window fit to image) when the image is small enough to fit to the screen.
Enable in INI file using:
Note: This is the new default value in the INI file.
Changed behaviour:
- In the EXIF display (F2), the file name is broken into multiple lines when it is very long
- F11 key is now used for toggling full screen (used to be Ctrl-W). Navigation panel visibility now uses Ctrl-N (instead of F11)
- If the first image shown is smaller than the screen, JPEGView now starts in 'window fit to image' mode.
To restore the old behavior (always use fullscreen), set ShowFullScreen=true in INI file

Posted by David Kleiner 2011-06-16

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