JPEGView 1.0.32 released

JPEGView is now providing a 32 bit and a 64 bit version

New features

  • 64 bit version (in addition to existing 32 bit version)
  • New image processing: Change size (in menu Transform image > Change size)
  • Showing keyboard shortcuts in tooltips of the toolbox buttons
  • Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) translation and updated Chinese translation
  • Improvements in image file deletion:
    • Button on navigation panel and 'Del' key deletes the current image file in the same same way Explorer does (by moving to recycle bin)
    • 'Shift+Del' deletes the current image file permanently

Other changes

  • Settings/Admin > Set as default viewer: Calls the file association dialog from control panel to perform
    the associations in Windows 8, because this is the only way under Windows 8 to properly change file associations.
    If the dialog does not appear, press Alt-Tab to switch to it - due to a Windows bug the dialog sometimes appears below the JPEGView window.
  • Ctrl-X also copies the file name to the clipboard (as Ctrl-C)
  • Using Visual Studio 2013 to compile the 64 bit version

Bugs fixed

  • Window size in windowed mode was some pixels too small due to invalid reporting of window border size by OS
  • Fixed wrong line break in file titles in info panel for long file names
  • SingleInstance=true, fixed error on loading image in case window was minimized
  • Lossless JPEG-transformations cannot be applied anymore after the original pixels have been modified, e.g. by a crop.
    Applying the transformations in this case would lead to unexpected results.
Posted by David Kleiner 2014-03-21

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