JPEGView released

This is a minor release to fix some bugs and add support for high DPI screens

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed crash when deleting files in 'Show folders and subfolders' navigation mode
  • Filenames with \t in path are now displayed correctly when using customized file name display format

New features

  • JPEGView is now fully high DPI capable (e.g. 200 % -> 192 dpi) and scales all GUI elements properly to high DPI settings.
    This fixes problems on high DPI screens.
  • Ctrl-C also copies the file name to the clipboard so that Windows Explorer is able to paste the original file with Ctrl-V
    Other changes:
  • Moved menu item to store current parameters as default in INI file to 'Setting/Configuration' submenu
Posted by David Kleiner 2014-02-26

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