JPEGView 1.0.25 released

Bugs fixed:
- Previous image now works correctly when WrapAroundFolder is set to false
New features:
- Czech translation, thanks to Milos Koutny
- Greek translation, thanks to Paris Setos
- WEBP image format supported (load and save), using the source code provided by Google
- Keyboard shortcuts are now defined in the file KeyMap.txt, located in the EXE folder. Users can edit the key map if desired.
- New INI file setting: ExchangeXButtons to exchange the forward and backward mouse buttons (default is true, now can be switched to false)
- Putting file name first in window title (as it is convention in Windows)
- Double-click to fit image to screen (according auto zoom mode currently set), respectively 100 % when already fit
- New transformations: Mirror horizontally and vertically (and put the rotation commands also under the new transformations submenu)
Other changes:
- After having had massive problems with a compiler bug when compiling the WEBP source code, I decided to switch to Visual Studio 2010.
Install VS 2010 to compile JPEGView - Express Edition (free) is sufficient.

Posted by David Kleiner 2011-11-12

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