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JPEGView 1.0.17 released

Bugs removed:
- Image processing panel no longer truncated on 1024x768 screens, sliders are smaller in this case
New features:
- Toggle screen with Ctrl-F12 on multiscreen systems
- Window mode, toggle between window mode and full screen mode with Ctrl-W or with button on navigation panel
The window mode can be made default in INI file and the starting window size can also be set in the INI file
- New INI file setting (LandscapeModeParams) that allows defining the parameters used in landscape enhancement mode
- New INI file setting (BackgroundColor) that allows setting the background color
- New INI file setting (NavigateWithMouseWheel) that allows using the mouse wheel for navigation (Ctrl-Wheel for zoom)

Posted by David Kleiner 2008-06-02

JPEGView 1.0.16 released

This release provides:
- faster processing on CPUs with multiple cores
- small thumbnail view of whole image while zooming into image, allowing to pan the visible section of the image
- some important bug fixes, see release notes for details

Posted by David Kleiner 2008-02-12

JPEGView 1.0.15 released

New features:
- Display of EXIF information from digicam JPEG files (F2) - can be made permanantly using the INI file
- Smoother screen update with less flickering by using back buffering of transparent areas
- Navigation panel blended into image. The navigation panel is turned on by default but can be disabled with the F11 key.
To disable it permanently, press F11 then save the settings to the INI file with the context menu.
The blending factor of the panel can be configured also in the INI file.
- New mode for optimal display of landscape pictures - lightens shadows and darkens highlights very progressively
Use Ctrl-L to enable or the button on the navigation panel... read more

Posted by David Kleiner 2007-12-27

JPEGView 1.0.14 released

New features:
- Saving files is now possible in the following formats: JPG, BMP, TIFF, PNG
- Crop image section or zoom to image section with CTRL-Left mouse and dragging the mouse
- Paste image from clipboard (Ctrl-V)
- Panning is faster and uses high quality resampling mode during pan
- New command to reload current image (Ctrl-R)
- File open... always uses tumbnail view (not only in 'my picture' directory)
- Copy/rename dialog: New placeholder %n for number from original file name

Posted by David Kleiner 2007-11-09

JPEGView 1.0.13 released

The new release provides a batch rename/copy dialog that can be used to copy files from the digital camera to the hard disk and renaming them.
Furthermore the movie mode has been improved and the auto zoom mode (fit screen, fill screen...) is now configurable.
Check out the change log for more info.

Posted by David Kleiner 2007-06-04

First release to the public

I started JPEGView because none of the viewers I looked at had all the features I wanted - especially I wanted a filter based downsampling that is preserving or even enhancing sharpness when viewing by 5 MPixel digicam images on the screen.
Latter some basic image processing was added as I wanted to correct the images immediately during reviewing them. Always starting a large image editor just to remove a slight blue cast is annoying on the long run...
Because feedback from my collegues was very positive, I decided to release JPEGView as an open source project and hope you find it as useful as I for viewing and editing images from digicams.

Posted by David Kleiner 2007-05-09

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