#1039 The liferea icon is cropped in Gnome's notification bar

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I'm using liferea 1.8.10 on Fedora 17 and I'm seeing a weird effect on the liferea icon in Gnome's notification bar.

When I run liferea, the icon appears but seems cropped in two directions (see enclosed screenshot).
Going to the preferences, I can disable the icon which then disappears.
Clicking on the "Show status icon" again, the icon reappears but this time, fully formed (again, see enclosed screenshot)

Closing liferea and starting it up again takes me back to the starting point (the icon is again cropped)


  • Emmanuel Seyman

    Emmanuel Seyman - 2012-11-04

    The cropped version of the liferea icon

  • Emmanuel Seyman

    Emmanuel Seyman - 2012-11-04

    The full version of the icon

  • Emmanuel Seyman

    Emmanuel Seyman - 2012-11-28

    Testing the F-18 beta, the icon is now completely invisible. There is an empty entry in the notification bar.
    As with F-17, clicking on "Show status icon" in the preferences gives us the icon back.

  • genodeftest

    genodeftest - 2013-02-12

    I think this is not an Liferea bug but a bug within Gnome-Shell. I can see a similar behavior with icons of RSSOwl, Claws-Mail and other software.

  • Lars Windolf

    Lars Windolf - 2013-10-16

    Actually it is a Liferea bug as the icon size is hard-coded to 16x16.

    In the past this just was the standard size so many applications do it like this :-(

    Needs to be fixed.


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