Recently Approved Projects

This page provides a listing of the projects most recently approved for hosting on provides hosting mainly for Open Source software development projects (we sometimes make exception for documentation projects, users groups, etc.).

If you have an interest in joining one of these new projects, please access their project page (link may be found in the UNIX name column) and contact the project's administrator. If you have concerns about a newly-approved project, please contact the team for assistance.

Showing projects 1 through 25.

Date Project Name UNIX Name Public Description
2014-07-11 u/djohn2000 djohn2000.u
2014-07-11 u/tonisch tonisch.u
2014-07-11 breeze doyourself coding and writing
2014-07-11 u/jfvitas jfvitas.u
2014-07-11 u/chewning chewning.u
2014-07-11 u/vprojects vprojects.u
2014-07-11 LittleBlack littleblack123
2014-07-11 u/dmitriy-elkin dmitriy-elkin.u
2014-07-11 u/mrbricktop mrbricktop.u
2014-07-11 u/snake469 snake469.u
2014-07-11 u/ironwill13791 ironwill13791.u
2014-07-11 u/breeze2 breeze2.u
2014-07-11 u/peak-tsui peak-tsui.u
2014-07-11 u/mandyfreeman mandyfreeman.u
2014-07-11 u/fioricet fioricet.u
2014-07-11 u/codeine codeine.u
2014-07-11 u/rodrigosoaresc rodrigosoaresc.u
2014-07-11 u/allie13 allie13.u
2014-07-11 u/themis themis.u
2014-07-11 u/adderall adderall.u
2014-07-11 u/monosail monosail.u
2014-07-11 u/diazepam diazepam.u
2014-07-11 u/ambien ambien.u
2014-07-11 u/clonazepam clonazepam.u
2014-07-11 Arduino SD VideoPlayer arduinosdvideoplayer
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