Table of Contents - Documentation

I. About and Open Source Software

A. What is

  1. About our Mirror Network / Join our Mirror Network

B. What is Open Source software?

C. Where can I get help?

  1. Contact us
  2. Report a bug or issue
  3. Check service availability/site status
  4. Request an Enhancement

D. About this documentation

E. Terms of Use

F. APIs at

  1. Project and Tools API
  2. Download Stats API
  3. File Release API

G. The SourceForge Community

  1. Project of the Month

H. Open Source Research

II. Managing your User Account

A. Register a New Account

B. User Account Information

  1. Managing Email Notifications

C. Managing Your User Mail

  1. About your Email Alias
  2. Problems with User Mail

III. Finding Software on SourceForge

A. Tips on navigating the site

B. Downloading and installing software

C. Getting help on software you've downloaded from the site

IV. Hosting your project on SourceForge

A. Services overview

  1. Project Administration tools
  2. Releasing files for Download
  3. Interactive Shell Service
  4. Ticket Tracker
  5. Wiki
  6. Source Code Management (SCM)
  7. Discussion Forums
  8. Disk Quotas
  9. RSS Feeds
  10. Adding Screenshots
  11. Recruiting Collaborators

B. Creating a new project

C. Managing your project

  1. Adding Contributors/Managing Permissions
  2. Backing up your data
  3. Accepting Donations
  4. Renaming your Project

D. Taking over an abandoned project or Joining an Existing Project

E. Removing a Project

V. Project Web Services and Developer Web Services

A. Project Web Services

B. Developer Web Services

C. PW and DW Details

  1. Custom VHOSTs
  2. phpMyAdmin
  3. Project Statistics
  4. Use of logo
  5. Managing Files
  6. Backing up your Data

VI. Contributing to the SourceForge Code

A. SourceForge tools are powered by the open source Apache Allura project.

B. Start Contributing to Allura


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Documentation: Cron Service
Documentation: Custom VHOSTs
Documentation: Developer Web Services
Documentation: Discussion
Documentation: Disk Quotas
Documentation: Docs Home
Documentation: Donations
Documentation: Download Stats API
Documentation: Email from SourceForge
Documentation: File Manager Backups
Documentation: Files
Documentation: Finding Software
Documentation: Git
Documentation: How to Remove a Project
Documentation: Join as a Mirror
Documentation: Joining a Project
Documentation: Mercurial
Documentation: Mirrors
Documentation: MySQL Backups
Documentation: OSS Research
Documentation: POTM
Documentation: Project Support
Documentation: Project Web Services
Documentation: Project Web and Developer Web
Documentation: RSS
Documentation: Release Files for Download
Documentation: Renaming
Documentation: Request an Enhancement
Documentation: SCM
Documentation: SCP
Documentation: SFTP
Documentation: SSH
Documentation: Shell Service
Documentation: Site Outages
Documentation: SourceForge Logo
Documentation: Subscribing to Project Updates
Documentation: Support Best Practices
Documentation: Support Service Levels
Documentation: Tickets
Documentation: User Accounts
Documentation: User Email Alias
Documentation: User Mail Problems
Documentation: Wiki
Documentation: phpMyAdmin
Documentation: rsync Backups
Documentation: rsync
Documentation: svn
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