Wiki Overview

The wiki is a collaborative document editor which is easily edited. By default any project developer can edit the project wiki. Like most modern wiki's all edits are non-destructive -- we keep a copy of every version.

Configuring the Wiki

The wiki can be installed via the "Add New..." link in the project menu bar.

Once installed, for each wiki, there are a number of configuration options available. In addition to the common tool options of permissions, Rename and Delete, there are also these options specific to the Wiki tool:

Set Home

Set Home defines which page the wiki will redirect to when the base URL is used. By default, this is set to "Home".

For example, for the Allura project's wiki has "Allura wiki" set as its Home, so redirects to


The Options page in admin provides you with the ability to remove three different pieces of the wiki functionality.

  • Show discussion: The comments section on each wiki page
  • Show left bar: Links to page creation, browse pages/labels, and formatting help. All these pages will still be available if this is disabled, but you may need to use direct links.
  • Show metadata: The author, label, and attachment display near the top of each page

If you want to maximize the screen real estate of the wiki, or treat it more as a CMS, you may want to remove all three of these options.

Using the Wiki

Wiki content itself, like the rest of Allura tools, uses Markdown formatting, along with some additional handling for Artifact Links and some custom macros.

Creating and Editing Pages

Creating a page can be done a few different ways, assuming you have the appropriate permissions:

  • From the left sidebar, select Create Page and enter the desired name
  • On an existing page, create a reference to a new page by putting the new page name in brackets (eg. [New page]), then click on that link.
  • Enter the URL where you want the page to reside, if it does not already exist you'll be presented with an edit link.

To edit an existing page, simply use the Edit link in the upper right of a page (the pencil icon).

Wiki pages may also be created and edited using the [Allura API]


To add an attachment to a page, select Add attachment button at the bottom of the edit view, then follow the steps presented:

  1. Select a file to upload
  2. Select Attach file

Repeat as necessary for multiple files.

Moving pages

To move a page, first enter the edit view, then change the name of the page. Moving a page in this way will preserve the wiki page history.

Deleting pages

To delete a page, enter the edit view, then select the Trash icon in the upper right.

Deleting a page will remove it from view, however the page may still be undeleted if necessary. To do so, select the + icon when viewing the deleted page. You will then enter the edit view, and you may rename the page name as appropriate.

Deleted pages can be found view the Browse Pages view by selecting the Show deleted pages link at the bottom of the list.

Viewing Page History and Reverting

To view the history of a page, select the Newspaper icon.

From that page, view a specific revision by selecting the Magnifying glass icon. The other icon will revert the page to that revision.

You can also compare revisions by using the radio buttons to select the ones to compare, then select Compare revisions


Documentation: Allura API
Documentation: Docs Home
Documentation: ToC

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