RSS provides a number of RSS feeds; these feeds consist of site-wide RSS feeds (i.e. related to data about a number of projects, or the site itself) and project-specific RSS feeds.

Project-specific RSS feeds are subject to availability based on the features the project administrator has enabled on their project; a list of the feeds available for a specific project may be found by using the browser's feed autodiscovery feature (through the RSS icon in the URL bar) or the RSS icon on the page.

Acceptable use

The feeds made available by are available for use by site end-users under our Terms of Use agreement.

It is our policy that end-users of these RSS feeds should not access the same feed more frequently than once per thirty minutes (i.e. 1 hit per feed per 30 minutes). Accessing a feed more frequently than this interval may be considered abuse (it adds load to our servers), and may result in account termination, blocking of your IP address from accessing, or other consequences. Further, while we want to encourage you to use these RSS feeds to keep apprised of project developments, it seems unlikely that most people would have need to access more than 50 different RSS feeds at a time; all RSS feed accesses should be done serially, not in parallel, as to reduce load on our servers.

The RSS feeds themselves, data within the site-wide RSS feeds, and statistical data within the project-specific RSS feeds is under copyright as described in the Terms of Use agreement. Project- and user-provided data are the responsibility of the project and/or user who posted that content, as described in the Terms of Use agreement.

Since project-specific RSS feeds contain project-related data, it is important that end-users of these feeds DO NOT post these feeds to RSS syndication services, such as Syndic8 unless they are an administrator for the project, or have direct permission from the project administrator to do so. Not all RSS feeds are useful to every project; the usability of individual project RSS feeds depend largely on the types of collaborative development activity in which the project takes part.

OSS Software Research

The RSS feeds provided by ARE NOT provided for large-scale data collection, as is often needed by Open Source software researchers; excessive hits to these RSS feeds will be considered abuse and may result in account termination, blocking of IP addresses from accessing, etc. If you are in the process of performing Open Source software research, please contact the staff team by submitting a Support Request. Given notice of your research plans, we will be able to assist you in retrieving data in a more functional (and less intensive) manner, saving you time, and saving us resources.


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