rsync Backups

Using rsync for backups provides read-only rsync access to a number of service offerings to enable self-service backups of project data. rsync is the preferred tool for making backups, since it provides great flexibility, supports resume of failed transfers, and is optimized for efficient data transfer.

rsync clients are available for all modern Operating System platforms. Linux, BSD and Mac OS X users typically already have rsync installed, since it is typically included with the Operating System. MS Windows users can obtain rsync from the Cygwin project.

Project web and developer web

Read-write rsync access to project web and developer web content is available to project developers using our file management service.

SourceForge Project SCMs

SCM repository contents may be accessed (read-only) by the project team and end-users using using rsync.

rsync may be used to copy an entire project repository as follows:

$ rsync -av[.git] .
  • Replace SCM, with the scm type (svn, git, or hg)
  • Replace PROJECTNAME with the project's UNIX name
  • Replace REPOSITORY with the repository's url path (default is 'code')
  • If (and only if) you're backing a git repo, add .git to the path

For example, if I wanted to rsync the git repository for the allura project, with the repository 'git', I'd use the following command:

$ rsync -av .

Classic Project SCMs

Instructions for using rsync with classic projects has been removed from this page to avoid confusion. However, if you still have need for this, you may consult a previous revision of this page.


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