Support Best Practices

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Effective Issue Reporting staff (denoted by a gold wrench icon on the site) provide support for the site and services. To help us help you more effectively, we're providing this list of best practices as advice on how to formulate good issue reports. We encourage new users to familiarize themselves with this list before their first issue report; and for seasoned users to treat this as a checklist.

  1. Known issues (such as service faults) are tracked on our Site Status page and also reported through Twitter . If an issue is listed there, you need not report it -- we're already working to fix the problem.
  2. If you're wondering about the status of a project registration, check your My Projects page.
  3. The only language that our whole team can read and write is English. If you try to contact us in some other language, we probably won't be able to help you.
  4. If you need help with a project hosted on, you need to contact the project. We only support the site itself, not the projects hosted on the site.
  5. If you have a working user account, we encourage you to login before posting. Login is required when asking for help with your project.


1.PLEASE NOTE: All tickets are publicly visible unless flagged private.
1. Tickets that include information about security problems, or which contain email address detail, should be considered sensitive in nature.
1. Sensitive issue reports should be flagged as private (use the checkbox on the ticket submission page) so only you and our project team can view the post.
1. Under no circumstances should you include personal information: Do not include passwords, telephone numbers, mailing addresses, or physical addresses -- we don't need this information and won't want to use it even if you do supply it.


  1. One ticket per issue.
  2. If someone else has submitted a similar problem for another project, you should go ahead and submit your own ticket.
  3. Include a complete description of the problem, and include the project UNIX name, error output, and any other information you think will help us fix the problem.
  4. If unsure what to put in a field, leave it blank. We'll tweak the settings on the ticket as needed.


  1. Do not send us email unless we ask you to. We don't provide support by email.
  2. If you need a status update on a ticket, login and add a comment to that ticket.
  3. If you need to provide additional information on a ticket, login and add a comment to that ticket.
  4. Please do not post comments to other people's tickets.
  5. If you are concerned about response time on a ticket, submit a new ticket and include the URL of the original; we'll check in to the handling and follow-up.

Oversight of all tickets falls under the Support Manager and the ! Director of Operations. If you have a concern about the level of service we're providing to you, please contact us by email and include reference to any tickets you have submitted.


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