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liquidgame 2013-06-26
2.2.2.s2 2012-04-04
2.2.2.s0 2012-03-22
2.2.1.s0 2012-03-20
2.2.0.s6 2012-03-17
2.2.0.s5.sp2 2012-03-14
2.2.0.s5.sp1 2012-03-13
2.2.0.s5 2012-03-13
2.2.0.s3 2012-03-05
old 2012-03-05
2.2.0beta1.styledhtml 2012-02-19
2.1 2012-02-19
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2.2.2.s2: documentation overhaul: The documentation is much better now, some advanced styles are published and documented. 2.2.2.s0: merge in upstream 2.2.2: Fix global key bindings not cleared in Search bar and Zoom combo 2.2.1.s0: merge in upstream 2.2.1: When adding a new element from the Palette you can now immediately edit the element's name (can be turned off in Preferences) Allow WorkPackage and Plateau types to connect to Junctions 2.2.0s6.sp1: If some step fails, the styled export is aborted. And some javadoc added 2.2.0s6: Fix for null pointer exception For the case when opening a model with -load which is not yet in the open recent menu. 2.2.0s5.sp2: target dir choose bug fixed Now it is easier to choose a target directory preference... 2.2.0s5.sp1: exit bug fixed Now -exit exits cleanly This is a plugin-only release. Just unzip it over your Archi installation. 2.2.0s5: command line Archi -load <mode> -targetdir <targetdir> -runstyle <stylefile> -exit You can omit any of the above, except runstyle needs load. Exit not shuts down cleanly yet. 2.2.0s5: generated attribute properties now have a "generated" attribute 2.2.0s3: movearound for relations lifted movearound restriction for relations: relations are found anywhere in the model 2.2.0s1: saxon, log copy, cleanup in load It should work with Archi 2.2.0 beta and 2.2.0beta1.styledhtml closes #3: xslt processor changed to Saxon HE We now support xslt 2.0 closes #11: keep="false" honoured inside <load> as well closes #13: <copy> logs what it does 2.2.0beta1.styledhtml: Followup release for Archi 2.2.0 beta 2.1: Followup release for Archi 2.1 changes since 1.6: -- works with Archi 2.1 - processing is itself defined by an xml file - you can <export> a model in either archi's xml format or in the "enriched" one - you can run <transform>ations written in both python and xslt - you can save <diagrams> - you can <copy> files to the target - would more or less work with a CDO-enabled Archi if we had a stable one There are prepackaged versions with a slightly modified Archi, with the following features: - movearound patch: you can move your elements between layers. There is a configuration option for this - more forgiving for broken models - styledhtml module in it I am succesfully using this version to generate two Security Targets and the accompanying documentation required by the Common Criteria methodology from a single modell, where some parts of the information cannot be shared between the documents, and for some information the document must show both systems. In some cases I am even using the same diagrams, hiding the other system's information. Some parts of the documentation (rationale) contain data pulled in from chains of four interconnected elements. The style creates html (and pdf using xhtm2pdf) documentation in 3-5 processing steps depending on the type of the doument. In an other project I am using this tool to generate firewall ruleset based on the applications' structure and their deployment layout. The above is to illustrate how powerful this tool is. If you want to create real-world structured documentation adhering to already existing document standards on complex issues or generate machine-readable configuration out of the model, this is the tool you are looking for. Yes, I plan to make a release for 2.2 as well, but don't know whether I will have time for this. You help me a lot by sharing your experiences, asking questions, reporting bugs and feature requests. Don't hesitate to file a bug report for any of the above at
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