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Viking is a free/open source program to manage GPS data.

You can import, export and plot tracks, routes and waypoints, show various OpenStreetMap, Bing Aerial and other maps in it.

Create maps using Mapnik.

Download Wikipedia points, OSM Traces or Your Personal OSM Traces for an area on the map.

Create and edit tracks, routes and waypoints and geotag images.

Import and export various file types via GPSBabel

See real-time GPS position (but not on Windows as no GPSD support on this platform).

And much, much more... If you're having a hard time visualizing it: check out the [Screenshots], screencasts and then download it to try it out.

It is written in C with the GTK+ 2 toolkit, available for Linux, other POSIX operating systems, and Windows, and is licensed under the GNU GPLv2+.

Version 1.6.2 (2015-12-21)

Bug Fix Release

  • Don't remove project name if one decides not to delete all layers.
  • Fix routes not saved in GPX when tracks are made invisible.
  • SF Bugs#103: Fix TrackWaypoint layer items may not be displayed when pasted
  • Enable Catalan and Turkish translations.
  • Restore opening of JPG files.
  • SF Bugs#127: Fix initial display of Waypoint sort order.
  • Fix map layer widget sensitivity dependent on map type.

Executive Summary of Changes in Version 1.6

  • Mapnik Rendering Layer (not available in Windows build ATM) - with preprocessor CartoCSS option.
  • Export files via GPSBabel
  • History of positions enabling jumping back (and forwards) to previous locations - similar to web browser back (and forward) buttons.
  • Extended GPSBabel filtering support - Enables limited/simple OSM Overpass API support.
  • Support reading of MBTiles files.
  • Support reading of OSM Metatiles.
  • Configurable Toolbar + Menu keys
  • Various time related features: Edit trackpoint and waypoint times, Quick search of tracks by date, Sort layers by time and more.
  • Improved route finder UI usage
  • GeoJSON support via external programs 'togpx' and 'togeojson' (Not available in Windows build ATM)
  • New default Map Cache layout to be more compatible with standard OSM/TMS structure.
  • Support GPX Metadata values common to GPX1.0 and GPX1.1
  • Extended map type configuration options (zoom levels + area extents limits)
  • Allow starting Viking with command line parameters to set position, zoom and map type.
  • Export Track, Route and Waypoint Lists as text.

Older Release (no longer supported)

  • 2010-12-14: Latest Revision Version-1.0.2
    • 2010-11-17: The Viking team is proud to announce the 1st stable release [Version-1.0] after 7 years of work by many contributors.




Self Help

  • Inspect detail about what Viking is (or not) doing to trace faults either with configuration or possibly issues with Viking itself.
  • In Unix like systems run via the command line with debugging (-d) and/or verbose (-V) options turned on and view the output in the terminal:

    viking -dV
  • On Windows use the command prompt and the output must be redirected to a file to capture it - so something like this (assuming a standard location install):

      cd "c:\Program Files\Viking"
      viking.exe -d 2>&1 > "%USERPROFILE%\Desktop\Viking.log"

    Then open the log file on your desktop with any text editor program.
    NB If on a 64bit machine the current default install location is "c:\Program Files(x86)\Viking"

Wiki Updating

Currently to edit this Wiki you need permission - contact the Viking mailing list with your SourceForge login ID requesting "editor" status. Then one can login to the Wiki site with your SourceForge ID to make changes.


TODO / Ideas


  • Terraserver support is removed since this service is no longer operational.


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