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An older version of the RoadMap can be found here.

Version 1.0

  • Global configuration (/usr/share, /etc) (done in 29f1598c85250ce607a3ededc6f01913e02e92cb)
  • Use literal identifier instead of numerical (for maps)
  • Rework cache organisation: id/Z/Y/X.png


Version 1.x

Stuff that will be done after 1.0 and before 2.0 but not yet fine planed.

 * Also see [Roadmap_1.2]
  • Log:

    Use a log window, displaying latest "event", like pan2 has.
    Technically, use gtk framework (g_message) for every printed message (instead of printf on stdout)
    Git repository

  • Internationalisation (I18N): Git repository

  • Dynamic loadable modules
  • Scripts (lua, Guile, Javascript/ECMAscript...)
  • Sorting waypoints by names, locations, distances...
  • Multiple selection for waypoints
  • Selecting waypoints by locations, distances, on/off screen
  • Displaying maps in any selected map mode from View menu.

Version 1.2

 * Also see [Roadmap_1.2]
 * Also see [Version-1.2]

Version 1.3

 * Also see [Roadmap_1.3]
 * Also see [Version-1.3]

Version 1.4

 * Also see [Roadmap_1.4]

Version 1.5

 * See [Roadmap_1.5]

Version 1.x or 2.x

  • Introduce proj4 for handling projections

Version 2.x

Tile cache

  • Follow FreeDesktop conventions and move local tile cache to $HOME/.cache/viking.
  • Replace numerical identifier by alpha-numeric
    • 'osm01', 'osm-main', 'osm-mapquest' seem simpler to understand than 203, 204...
    • much more extensible
    • error proof: with numeric identifier it is quite complex to not overwrite an already existing tile cache (perhaps a tile cache created by the user)

Should we provide a migration utility?


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