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Current Releases

Stable: [Version-1.0.2] 2010-12-14

Development: Ongoing via the git repository

Old Releases

  • [Version-1.1] 2011-02-08 [Version-1.1-Summary]
  • [Version-1.0] 2010-11-17
  • [Version-0.9.96] 2010-10-11
  • [Version-0.9.95] 2010-09-07
  • [Version-0.9.94] 2010-06-11
  • [Version-0.9.93] 2010-04-11
  • [Version-0.9.92] 2010-03-16
  • [Version-0.9.91] 2010-02-06
  • [Version-0.9.9] 2009-09-09
  • [Version-0.9.8] 2009-02-13
  • [Version-0.9.7] 2008-10-12
  • [Version-0.9.6] 2008-07-31
  • [Version-0.9.5] 2008-07-22
  • [Version-0.9.4] 2008-02-25
  • [Version-0.9.3] 2007-10-21
  • [Version-0.9.2] 2007-09-04
  • [Version-0.9.1] 2007-09-02
  • [Version-0.9]   2007-07-13
  • [Version-0.1.3] 2007-05-17
  • [Version-0.1.2] 2007-02-14
  • Version- 2006-05-03 -- test release, the latest CVS branch.
  • 2006 February 27: Viking 0.1.0 "Nuovo Giorno"

    Lots of goodies in this one, must importantly a brand new map layer which supports, among other things, 6 kinds of maps -- 3 Terraserver, Expedia (Europe and USA/Canada maps!), and Google.

  • 2005 December 19: Viking 0.0.9-devel

    Not really a full release, but rather I received some patches I wanted to make available to everyone. Most importantly ability to view data in 2 UTM zones at once.

  • 2005 April 13: Viking 0.0.8

    This release has a few new things vs. 0.0.7, such as support for images/thumbnails, maps zoomed out (fast computer reccommended), and miscellaneous other goodies and small fixes. You may also want to read the [Geocoded_Photo_super-mini-HOWTO] and take a look at the GPSPhoto webpage.

  • 2005 March 22: Viking 0.0.8-pre5

    I haven't done anything on Viking for about two weeks but I thought I should put up what I have. This "release" is very rough around the edges and should be considered a "development release". You've been warned.

  • 2005 February 22: Viking 0.0.7

    We're not dead yet! Here is Viking 0.0.7 "Gonna Move These Mountains Aside". I've been working on it for about a month now, and it turned about 4000 more LOC than 0.0.5 (0.0.5 had about 8000 LOC).New features include exporting to an image, lots of track editing (splitting tracks, joining tracks, moving TPs, the works). Unfortunately my laptop died so I can't compile this for Windows, so for now, it's only available for UNIX/Linux.

  • 2004 July 16: Viking 0.0.5

    I've been busy lately, so to tell the truth Viking 0.0.5 doesn't have a lot of new stuff. What it does have is (some) support for georeferenced maps, and a default map directory (~/.viking-maps or c:\viking-maps) that will be created if it doesn't exist. And Viking will no longer crash when Terraserver's hostname changes. Now I'm going to do a number of small bugfixes and features (such as copying and pasting waypoints, rotation, etc.) then I'll make a release and focus on track and waypoint moving and editing.

  • 2004 June 26: Viking 0.0.5-pre4

    I've been working really hard on Viking in the last four days, but I want fix some things before I make a release. However I won't be able to work on Viking for over a week so I figure I should put up what I have.

    What I do have includes a new text-based file format, copy and pasting layers, and other miscellaneous goodies.

  • 2004 June 23: Viking 0.0.4 "Lame Duck Release" is out.

    This version fixes some bugs, tries to improve Gnome HIG compliance, and has a few new features. Among those are map fading to white (so you can see tracks better) and the Viking file format. However, the Viking file format is binary, and pretty much just a bad idea, so I'm working on a new file text format that will be less error-prone (minor program changes make old Viking binary files unreadable). If you use the binary file format, remember to also save your tracks and waypoint as GPSPoint by right clicking on the layer and choosing "Export as GPSPoint."

    Soon I will start work a a new file format, please read the RFC and tell what you think about it on on the new mailing list.

  • 2004 June 19:

    I'm steadily working on 0.0.4, which should be out in less than 5 days. This version will fix a lot of bugs, and also have support for a new Viking file format to hold tracks, waypoints, and layer structure along with layer parameters (such as map cache directory.) Just a few little things I have to do before a release.

  • 2004 June 12: First public release! 0.0.3.

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