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The following are some ideas for Viking's user interface.

Ideas in bold were those one user (Reid) believed was essential for a 1.0 release, however 1.0 was released anyway. As an ongoing desktop program, there are loads of places where the UI could be better.

General concepts

  • Strive to provide more user feedback about what is going on.

Specific items of potential improvement

  • Drag-panning should favor speed in keeping up with the mouse over smoothness.
  • Highlight map tiles which are blank but queued for download (say, color them pink).
  • Changing zoom level to a large scale (e.g. zoom out 64x) is slow, esp. if you only use the 4x4 meter resolution topos, as I do. This slowness is fine, but I think there ought to be an indicator that Viking is thinking -- the watch cursor, perhaps. I don't think a full-blown percentage bar window is necessary.
    • This is slow as it's accessing the disk to check lots of files and place them in the memory cache - not sure how to know in advance it will be slow though.
  • I might further increase the contrast of the current trackpoint (selected with the edit trackpoint tool). Perhaps rather than changing its size, draw a big bold crosshair centered on it?
  • Implement undo and redo.
  • It would be nice to have more information in the interface about which maps will be used depending on the "zoom level" of a map layer. For example, in a Terraserver topo layer, I had to discover by trial and error that


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