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SubtitleCreator 2.3 beta 1 in Finish

Well, it has taken some time for this release to happen, but we hope it was worth the wait. The biggest change is thanks to Ropsi, who diligently translated it to Finish! Thanks for that!

Other changes are that the Manipulate SUP window has been removed, and all functionality has moved to the main window. Furthermore, you can now mix and match SUP, VobSub, SRT, SUB, and images in any way you like. In addition, we've added a new renderer with semi-transparent shadows, so that should give you even more options to play with. And you can take screenshots from your movies as well now.... read more

Posted by Paddington 2008-07-12

SubtitleCreator 2.1 beta 1 released

New features:
* Read and write VobSub files (sub/idx) the same way as sup files and create a VobSub file directly from a srt or sub (text) file. It can also open a sup file and write it to a sub/idx file or do the opposite (Open a VobSub (sub/idx) file and write it to a sup file). If you have a vobsub file (.sub) without the associated .idx file (or the idx is broken), you can use SubtitleCreator to generate a new one. Go to Tools->Manipulate Sup. Open your IFO file if you have it (just for the color palette), open your sub file and save it as sub, SubtitleCreator will automatically generate the corresponding idx file for you. You can even use VobSub files with the DVD authoring wizard and create them using the Command Line Interface. For the moment, can only input VobSub files extracted using VSRip, wether they include mutiple streams or not. Also allows to add your subtitle stream at the end of an existing VobSub file.
* Added tool to invoke Google translate to automatically translate subtitles
* Using Microsoft Office 2003, implementation of OCR to convert SUP to SRT.
* Support for covering or concealing hard-coded subtitles in a DVD by overlaying them with a non-transparent (black) background. After a manual chapter switch, you have to wait till the first subtitle arrives before it becomes effective (subtitles have no stop time, but need to start).
* Added support in the DVD wizard for wav and mpa files
* Automatic selection of the prefered palette when there is no existing subtitle stream in the original DVD. This will avoid black/green subtitles.
* Added three new command buttons: set the font for a single subtitle, increase and decrease fonts... read more

Posted by Paddington 2006-12-22

SubtitleCreator joins the Top 100

SC joins the Top 100 of 01.Net - instead of downloading it from here, you can actually buy a CD and get 99 other free projects too.

Probably by the end of this week, we will be releasing version 2.1 beta 1. New features include full VobSub support, OCR translation of SUP files to text using Office 2003 (requirement), and an automatic translation of text-based subtitles using Google Translate.

Posted by Paddington 2006-12-14

First donation received!

After many years of waiting and 182,804 downloads, the unexpected but much appreciated has happened. SubtitleCreator received it's first anonymous $5 donation. After deduction of projects I wanted to sponsor, this leaves me with $3.20, enough for a large cappuccino. So, anonymous donor, thank you very much for your token of appreciation!!!

Very soon, we're expecting to release v2.1b, which has support for VobSub (thanks to manusse), hiding of hard-coded existing subtitles (requested feature), and the translation tool has been improved as well. Besides several minor bug fixes, of course... I'll keep you informed.

Posted by Paddington 2006-11-21

SubtitleCreator v2.0.6

If you haven't tried out the new version of SubtitleCreator (which requires the .NETv2.0 framework), have a look at it now!

The most interesting additions, besides a fresher look and feel, are the fact that you can now overlay your subtitles on a DVD and that we've improved the DVD authoring wizard, which helps you adding DVDs while keeping the menu (using other freeware tools such as PgcDemux, MuxMan and VobBlanker).... read more

Posted by Paddington 2006-09-24

New version released: v2.0.0 Release Candidate 1

I just wanted to let you know that a new version has been released, featuring subtitle overlay on an existing DVD, localized, and much more... Check it out, and let us know what you think of it!

Posted by Paddington 2006-06-18

FYI: SC with subtitle overlay in preparation

It has been some time since the last release, so I just thought that I should leave you a message. No, the project hasn't died: instead, Manusse is working hard to overlay subtitles on the movie using DirectShow. Although that may sound easy, unfortunately it isn't, and I hope we will have a new release soon. With respect to me, I am porting SC to .NET2, fixing some bugs, and adding some new features that have been requested lately, like understanding positioning information as SubRip does, changing the editing behaviour, improving the search function. If you have other request, leave me a message here.

Posted by Paddington 2006-04-02

SubtitleCreator available in French

Thanks to the hard work of Manusse, SubtitleCreator's latest version 1.9.2 is also available in French (including all documentation)!

Posted by Paddington 2005-11-14

Bug fix release

The newest version fixes some of those little nasty things that crawl around my backyard, and that make a loud crack when you step on them. Read more if you want to know what I've squashed...

- Now possible to decrease the size of the window for 800x600 monitors. In this case, you should turn of the "Show DVD synchronziation" feature in the settings window, as there is no room for it anymore.
- Edit window now available
- Simple option to remove all line breaks if the result doesn't fit the subtitle window
- Added a link to the home site (to facilitate looking for new versions)... read more

Posted by Paddington 2005-11-11

New anti-flicker algorithm, vertical subs, and much more...

Version 1.9.1 contains some improvements, and I hope you agree, as you can now use Heathcliff's anti-flicker algorithm, use vertical subtitles, resize the window, use AB repeat to create new subtitles from scratch, specify commands via the command line, and much more (see the readme.txt or the notes for a complete update).

Posted by Paddington 2005-10-07

SubtitleCreator now also available in Japanese!

nabe3net has gone through the trouble of translating SubtitleCreator v1.9.0 to Japanese! You can download the zip file from his site, which also contains a guide for authoring.

Zip file for the users to download: or

A screenshots: read more

Posted by Paddington 2005-09-05

DVD Authoring Wizard added

Version 1.8.7 now contains a DVD authoring wizard, that uses two great tools, PgcDemux and MuxMan, to automatically add a new subtitle to a simple DVD (without menus). Furthermore, you can save your settings and profiles now.

Finally, it contains a major bug fix with respect to the manipulation of SUP subtitles and the auto-position tool.

Posted by Paddington 2005-06-27

Version 1.8: new GUI and SUP manipulation

The newest version uses a completely new GUI, thanks to feedback from CoNS, which should offer a more intuitive windows look-and-feel.

Additionally, it offers support to manipulate existing subtitles (SUP files): you can change the position and used colors of all (or one) subtitle.

And finally, I've found some time to update the home page (, which displays the user guide, and links to a step-by-step guide explaining how you can add a subtitle to a DVD.

Posted by Paddington 2005-05-29

Version 1.6, now with DVD preview

Version 1.6
First version with a change log update. I've added one major new feature, which allows you to play a DVD in the preview window. However, it doesn't show you the subtitle positioned on top of the DVD yet (but it will in the title bar). Also, when you play a DVD, it will move the current subtitle with it. And if you pause the movie, you can select a subtitle and press "J" to jump to it. ... read more

Posted by Paddington 2005-04-13

Simple subtitle editor added

Here is the latest version with a complete makeover of the preview window. New features include:
[*] a simple editor to change the subtitles
[*] buttont to align, change the font of a word, and for bold, italics and underline
[*] Editor mode to change all subtitles, or one the current
[*] Move and resize the subtitle window with the mouse
[*] Moved the font color settings to the preview window
[/list]... read more

Posted by Paddington 2005-02-20

Hor/ver alignment and different fonts per subtitle

New features:
1) You can set the horizontal alignment (left/right) per line.
2) You can use different fonts within each subtitle, for example to use a different size, or different font family. In the Examples directory, you can see some nice examples.

Bug fixes:
1) Subtitles will always start on even positions, and be of even height (some persons reported problems if this was not the case).
2) Fixed the vertical alignment.
3) Removed the "change font" option from the settings menu.

Posted by Paddington 2005-01-30

Multiple lines and stretching supported

The new version has fixed several bugs, and probably introduced some others for you to find

Maxiuaca, Thanks for finding that bug with the decimals!. I am surprised that this happens with XML files, which should be easy to interchange. Probably, this interoperability issue has been solved somehow, but in the mean time, I've converted the stretch to percentages (I've multiplied the value with 100, so I don't need to read decimals.... read more

Posted by Paddington 2005-01-19

Latest release v1.3.1 available based on CoNS observations

After CoNS thorough review of SubtitleCreator,
(, I've made some changes:

- Synchronize Window is now widescreen, so it will fit on a 1024x768 screen.
- Buttons are enlargened, so hopefully they will display correctly on Win2000 too.
- Save synchronized files
- Compare several subtitle files to one original SUP file
- When concatenating several subtitle files, you can now jump between the different files in the adv. synchronize window.
- Set in SubtitleCreatorProfiles.xml which default IFO file you want to use (for color palette and PAL/NTSC settings)
- Set in SubtitleCreatorProfiles.xml how many lines of an original SUP file you want to display.
- Double click in the advanced synchronization window jumps to a subtitle in the other panel with similar start time.
- Fixed some small bugs.

Posted by Paddington 2005-01-01

Profiles added

Version 1.3 contains profiles, so you can save your favorite settings for different screen formats in an XML file.

Posted by Paddington 2004-12-28


For support, questions, or bugs, please go to

Posted by Paddington 2004-12-28

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