SubtitleCreator 2.1 beta 1 released

New features:
* Read and write VobSub files (sub/idx) the same way as sup files and create a VobSub file directly from a srt or sub (text) file. It can also open a sup file and write it to a sub/idx file or do the opposite (Open a VobSub (sub/idx) file and write it to a sup file). If you have a vobsub file (.sub) without the associated .idx file (or the idx is broken), you can use SubtitleCreator to generate a new one. Go to Tools->Manipulate Sup. Open your IFO file if you have it (just for the color palette), open your sub file and save it as sub, SubtitleCreator will automatically generate the corresponding idx file for you. You can even use VobSub files with the DVD authoring wizard and create them using the Command Line Interface. For the moment, can only input VobSub files extracted using VSRip, wether they include mutiple streams or not. Also allows to add your subtitle stream at the end of an existing VobSub file.
* Added tool to invoke Google translate to automatically translate subtitles
* Using Microsoft Office 2003, implementation of OCR to convert SUP to SRT.
* Support for covering or concealing hard-coded subtitles in a DVD by overlaying them with a non-transparent (black) background. After a manual chapter switch, you have to wait till the first subtitle arrives before it becomes effective (subtitles have no stop time, but need to start).
* Added support in the DVD wizard for wav and mpa files
* Automatic selection of the prefered palette when there is no existing subtitle stream in the original DVD. This will avoid black/green subtitles.
* Added three new command buttons: set the font for a single subtitle, increase and decrease fonts

Bug fixes:
* SC no longer crashes upon encountering the <font "#0000FF">This is in blue</font> tag
* Automatic replacement of non-markup < and > with <s lt/>, <s gt/> or &lt; and &gt;
* Fixed selection of manual when no culture is set, select the language that belongs to the current GUI culture
* No more exception when playing a 2 subs SRT/SUB file with overlay.
* The vertical position of the profiles is now correctly saved and retrieved
* In the result of the DVD authoring wizard audio streams were sometimes mixed.
* An incorrect subtitle file generating an exception will not be automatically reloaded at startup.
* When opening a sup file and writing it, some sup durations were slightly changed. This should not be the case anymore.
* When translating subtitles (in the tools menu), you can now properly scale the window, read an IFO, and save it, even if it was not complete (requires to unselect Clean up spaces during load - must be fixed)
* The "Show actual output" setting is now correctly restored at startup.
* When using the DVD authoring wizard, SRT files can now be used even if they are not in the same Directory as the original DVD files.

Posted by Paddington 2006-12-22

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