SubtitleCreator 2.3 beta 1 in Finish

Well, it has taken some time for this release to happen, but we hope it was worth the wait. The biggest change is thanks to Ropsi, who diligently translated it to Finish! Thanks for that!

Other changes are that the Manipulate SUP window has been removed, and all functionality has moved to the main window. Furthermore, you can now mix and match SUP, VobSub, SRT, SUB, and images in any way you like. In addition, we've added a new renderer with semi-transparent shadows, so that should give you even more options to play with. And you can take screenshots from your movies as well now.

For the purists among us, SubtitleCreator now deals with the stretching that occurs when a 720x576 PAL movie is stretched to widescreen. And this behaviour is different from shrinking to 4:3 TV screens. That's the reason why Arial Narrow always looked so good - in widescreen mode, it was stretched and became like regular Arial. Now, this is no longer necessary, and I hope you like the effect.

Finally, under the hood many more changes were made. For starters, many bugs have been fixed, but I'm sure that there are some new ones that have been added too. That's why this is a beta :-) If you find a bug, please add them to the our tracker.

Posted by Paddington 2008-07-12

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