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v0.9.2 released

0.9.2 [2016-06-26]

  • recording via Qt Multimedia
  • using KDE service API for loading plugins
  • bugfix: screenshot function sometimes returned 1x1 image only (bug in Qt
    QWidget::frameGeometry is broken, but QWindow::frameGeometry works)
  • Gentoo ebuild updated to EAPI=6
  • removed unneeded build and runtime dependencies
  • removed optimized memcpy for PowerPC
  • record plugin: improved handling of error messages
  • record plugin: added retry mechanism in case of device busy
  • added menu entries for recording and record setup
  • import of Core Audio Format (*.caf), using ALAC, A-LAW, U-LAW and IMA
  • import of Sample Vision Format (*.smp)
  • import of NIST SPHERE Audio File Format (*.nist)
  • import of Creative Voice files (*.voc)
  • import Audio Visual Research File Format (*.avr)
  • import of Amiga IFF/8SVX Sound File Format (*.8svx)
  • handbook: description of parameters of the record plugin was missing
  • handbook: fixed duplicate ":" in header of plugin parameter descriptions
  • made Kwave::SampleFormat and Kwave::Compression independent from libaudiofile
Posted by Thomas Eschenbacher 2016-06-30

v0.9.1 released

0.9.1 [2016-02-21]

  • ported to KDE Frameworks 5 (KF5) / Qt5
  • playback via Qt Multimedia
  • bugfix: saved plugin parameter lists with escaped characters were not
    unescaped when loading again
  • compile fix for armv7l
  • codec_mp3: added missing "help" button to encoder setup dialog
  • fixed invocation of file dialog, as suggested by EBN
  • support for cmake > 3.3, fix for policy CMP0063
  • cmdline option "--nofork" no longer exists
  • bugfix: multiple issues in context of switching the GUI type in scripts
  • bugfix: fixed issues in saveblocks plugin with special characters in
    filenames and patterns, format strings of second and later invocations
    of patterns were ignored
  • saveblocks: allow path separators in filename patterns to make it possible
    to create subdirectories
  • saveblocks: added patterns to include file info (file meta data) or the
    title of the current block
  • workaround for bug in KDE #345320 (missing translators in help/about dialog)
  • about plugin: added info about translation team
  • added screenshot of the edit_label dialog
  • bugfix: tooltips of the fileinfo dialog were not translated
  • new make target: "make msgstats" to show the progress of translations
  • compile fix for armv7l
  • playback: dropped Phonon support (was broken and no longer supported by KF5)
  • bugfix: hourglass cursor was not taken back in playback setup dialog
  • RPM: format of changelog has changed
  • changed plugin install directory and prefix/suffix
  • curve widget: use same colors as in frequency response widget, for better
    readability on bright color themes
Posted by Thomas Eschenbacher 2016-02-21

v0.9.0 released

0.9.0 [2015-05-25]

  • first version hosted on KDE (kdereview) and SourceForge
  • added command line parameter for selecting the GUI type
  • in MDI mode: new menu entry + function to arrange sub windows vertically
  • handbook: added text command reference
  • handbook: added plugin reference
  • enabled the "Help" buttons of all plugins and let them open the corresponding
    section in the handbook
  • make system: new target "update-handbook" (updates command, file info
    and plugin cross references)
  • make system: fixed dependency problem in translation
  • new commands: "window:sendkey", "window:screenshot", "window:close"
    and "window:resize"
  • built-in variable ${LANG} for kwave commands
  • support for delayed command execution
  • debug plugin: always compiled in, but only visible in debug build
  • new command sync(): wait for commands scheduled with delayed
  • bugfix: exporting a mono file as MP3 produced a stereo MP3 file
  • MP3: emphasis, copyrighted, original got lost during save/load
  • file info dialog: MPEG settings were not handled properly
  • bugfix: assert/numeric overflow in selectnextlabels() at end of file
  • new plugin: stringenter
  • bugfix: minimized windows were not migrated properly when switching GUI type
  • new command: window:minimize
  • bugfix: missing range check in noise generator (when used per script)
  • bugfix: saveblocks plugin did not work when omitting file extension
  • saveblocks plugin: use escaped strings for storing settings instead of base64
Posted by Thomas Eschenbacher 2015-05-25

v0.8.99-2 released

0.8.99-2 [2015-01-02]

  • bugfix: wrong sub window mode when switching to tab mode when having only
    one sub window (workaround for bug in Qt)
  • bugfix: recording did not work in MDI and Tab mode (wrong file context)
  • bugfix: fixed passing a text command as first command line parameter
Posted by Thomas Eschenbacher 2015-01-02

v0.8.99 released

0.8.99 [2014-12-28]

  • GUI: implemented SDI, MDI and Tab GUI types
  • bugfix: deadlock in class Track
  • bugfix: segfault during shutdown of logger
  • bugfix: segfault when unloading plugins (on some systems)
  • bugfix: "zoom to selection" was not disabled if nothing was selected
  • bugfix: toolbar buttons for cut/copy/erase/delete did not properly get
    enabled/disabled on change of selection
  • bugfix: overview widget did not properly refresh after deleting all tracks
  • bugfix: assert in vorbis decoder when opening file with bitrate -1
  • menu subsystem: added support for lists within a menu
  • menu subsystem: show/hide toplevel menu entries
  • menu subsystem: added support for exclusive selection (radio buttons)
  • menu subsystem: let KDE chose shortcuts automatically
  • added menu entry to clear "recently opened files" list
  • implemented URL scheme for passing text commands from the command line
    example: kwave --iconic --disable-splashscreen test.wav \ kwave:plugin%3Aexecute?normalize \ kwave:save \ kwave:quit
  • using perl scripts creating for i18n from menus.config and for getting
    entries from lsm files, no longer need awk, sort, uniq
  • creating menu translation template directly per perl script instead
    of generated dummy cpp file (requires "msgcat")
  • menu translations: assign a context to each menu entry
  • bugfix: division through zero on ogg files with invalid bitrate info
  • manual: added section about GUI types
  • i18n: translations were missing in kwave.desktop
Posted by Thomas Eschenbacher 2014-12-28

v0.8.12 released

0.8.12 [2014-06-04]

  • recording via PulseAudio, by Joerg-Christan Boehme
  • bugfix: "Close" button of the record dialog did not save settings
  • bugfix: amplify free plugin: untranslated action names in progress bar
  • bugfix: sonagram plugin did not honor the windowing function parameter
  • bugfix: coherency problems in overview cache
  • bugfix: metadata got lost after cut/undo/redo
  • bugfix: save/as check against overwriting existing files failed
  • bugfix: undo/redo did not work after recording
  • bugfix: signal was "modified" after canceled record (empty) / done
  • bugfix: wrong calculation of zoom and window geometry at startup
  • bugfix: wrong scaling of overview in sonagram window
  • bugfix: playback pointer did not update synchronously across tracks
  • bugfix: brought back support for optimized memcpy (from xine-lib)
  • updated memcpy.c + cpu detection, including AVX assembler support
  • new command line option: "--logfile=<FILE>" for logging to a file
  • brought back the horizontal scroll bar
  • support for swap files to store undo data
  • speedup: too many copy-on-write operations, use more const data
  • improved robustness against out of memory situations
  • memory manager: added statistics for debugging
  • memory settings: only use up to 25% of process address space
  • internal cleanups: renamed openSampleReader -> openReader,
    fixed signature of Signal/SignalManager::openWriter
  • speedup: use stripe list instead of raw data for saving undo data
  • debug plugin: added functions "labels_at_stripes", "sawtooth_verify"
    and "dump_metadata"
  • automatic defragmentation of stripes
  • sonagram plugin: use Qt Concurrent framework -> more than factor 40
    faster on a quad core cpu
  • got rid of KDE ThreadWeaver, replaced with Qt Concurrent framework
  • debug plugin: added function "fm_sweep"
  • workaround for broken WAV files with zeroed fact chunk
  • fixed many 32/64 bit issues
  • new build target "make wrapper": creates a wrapper script to start Kwave
    for test/debug purpose
  • new build target "make dep": creates a binary debian package
    (for personal use and testing purposes)
  • mouse wheel + Ctrl: zoom in/out aligns signal to mouse position
  • record plugin: level meter is always enabled, simplified dialog
  • PulseAudio playback: fixed wrong timeout calculation
  • requires at least Qt-4.7 + FLAC-1.2.0
Posted by Thomas Eschenbacher 2014-06-05

v0.8.11 released

0.8.11 [2013-11-24]

  • added spanish translation, provided by Carlos R.
  • bugfix: file names were not properly escaped in context of file/open,
    file/openrecent and drag&drop
  • bugfix: saveblocks() did not abort properly when pressing cancel
  • unclean shutdown of the file progress dialog when saving
  • noise plugin: add noise (mix) instead of overwrite, with adjustable
    level in percent or dB
  • pause button: change tooltip to "continue" if paused
  • new command line option: "--disable-splashscreen"
  • new command line option: "--iconic" to start minimized
  • fixed quoting errors in CMakeLists.txt (cmake-2.8.12 complained)
  • bugfix: ASCII encoder: escape special characters in meta data
  • implementation of ASCII import
  • memory settings: raised default memory limits
  • bugfix: crash in file info dialog / auto generate keywords
  • MP3 plugin: use ID3 tag TSSE for software version
  • ASCII codec: implemented support for labels
Posted by Thomas Eschenbacher 2013-11-24

v0.8.10 released

0.8.10 [2013-02-09]

  • file name cleanup: removed "Kwave" prefix
  • bugfix: added range checks for track selection commands
  • reverted changes in sample writer due to problems in debug mode (commits
    ee54660d4380d264b7346a904eff9dd8d8d00a93 and
  • bugfix: unwanted termination if splash screen closed while the first
    toplevel widget still was starting up
  • moved code into namespace "Kwave"
  • cleanup: remove support for outdated FLAC API versions below 1.1.3
  • removed unused code: libkwave/FileFormat.*
  • renamed source files with "Kwave" in the name
  • added subsystem prefix to inclusion of Qt header files
  • using bit types from qt (e.g. u_int32_t => quint32)
  • bugfix: recording via OSS did not handle invalid devices properly
  • improved auto detect of svg-to-png conversion,
    added support for "rsvg-convert" (SF bug #38)
  • removed dependency to ImageMagick if "rsvg" is available
  • replaced libkwave/byteswap.h with generic Qt functions
  • replaced some Qt classes with their KDE equivalent:
    KLineEdit, KComboBox, KDialogButtonBox, KPushButton, KTabWidget, KTextEdit
  • using KDE standard buttons in dialogs
  • simplified plugin loading mechanism, do load/unload only at start/end of
    the program
  • delete plugin settings of old versions when detected
  • using QLibrary instead of functions from libdl
  • bugfix: shutdown sequence was incomplete
  • bugfix: keyboard shortcut for first menu entry did not work
  • bugfix: ambiguous keyboard shortscut for "File/New Window"
  • bugfix: undo of "modify label" caused loss of other labels
  • bugfix: use timeout for phonon playback, to avoid hang on unusable devices
  • using klocale for formating numbers of samples
  • added common base class for all codec plugins
  • reduced quality level of sample rate converter from "best" to "medium",
    to improve speed
  • refactored playback handling (controller vs. plugin)
  • workaround for bug in Phonon: no device names available in first call to
  • moved playback test into worker thread, for better GUI responsiveness
  • Phonon playback: changed to own mainloop with timeout support to avoid
    application hang on broken audio devices
  • bugfix: data loss in sample rate converter when processing streams
  • vorbis encoder: call to deprecated API (now use OV_ECTL_RATEMANAGE2_SET)
  • using estimated length for streaming file formats without length info
  • made sample rate conversion (libsamplerate) mandantory
  • increased default memory sizes
  • added toolbar buttons for "File/SaveAs" and "File/Close"
  • reordered toolbars
Posted by Thomas Eschenbacher 2013-02-09

v0.8.9 released

0.8.9 [2012-11-06]

  • new feature: MP3 export via external program "lame", "toolame" and
    "twolame", with configurable command line options
  • new feature: allow change of compression type via file info
  • fix for SF #3528848, removed -Wl,--add-needed from plugin LINK_FLAGS
  • speedup: improved performance of sample writer
  • wav import/export: support for some more meta data tags
  • bugfix: meta data lost when writing wav files that had meta data for
    product/album or subject/track at the same time
  • bugfix: broken signal/slot connection in SaveBlocks plugin
  • workaround for bug in id3lib, SF #3534143:
    ignore id3lib crc check result for MPEG Layer II files
  • bugfix: Gentoo ebuild lacked required svg use flag for media-gfx/imagemagick
    and media-gfx/graphicsmagick
  • bugfix: File/SaveAs now uses last recently used directory and extension
    together with the user defined file name
  • bugfix: PluginManager::sync caused application slowdown or stale GUI
Posted by Thomas Eschenbacher 2012-11-09

v0.8.8 released

0.8.8 [2012-05-20]

  • new feature: seek functionality for playback
  • new feature: added toolbar with record/playback/scroll functions
  • migration to GIT as source code management
  • documentation update
  • allowing zoom and scroll while a plugin is running
  • allow "close" and "quit" while playback is running
  • allow track selection change during playback
  • fix for namespace collision with libaudiofile
  • bugfix: mouse selection update with negative offset failed
  • bugfix: wrong focus of progress dialog when repairing damaged wav files
  • bugfix: missing updates of zoom selection combo box
  • bugfix: when viewing with full zoom, scroll by 1 sample was possible
  • bugfix: focus was wrong on program start (zoom combo box)
  • bugfix: wrong view when moving slider of overview widget to negative value
  • bugfix: playback pointer did not disappear after play - pause - stop
  • bugfix: creating a label without text was not possible
  • bugfix: saving WAV with G.711 and non-16bits/sample produced broken output
  • bugfix: handling of shortened tracks in encoders
Posted by Thomas Eschenbacher 2012-05-20

v0.8.7 released

0.8.7 [2011-11-27]

  • ebuild update for media-gfx/imagemagick <-> media-gfx/graphicsmagick
    (see gentoo bug #314325)
  • new feature: "insert at", paste clipboard at given position
  • fix for API change in libaudiofile v0.3.1
  • speedup: loading ogg/mp3 is much faster now (up to factor 2)
  • bugfix: stream name of pulse audio playback used wrong encoding
  • update of the Kwave spec file (synced with OpenSuSE build service version)
  • new build target "distfiles"
  • updated version of the GPL v2 document (GNU-LICENSE)
  • support for visualization plugins
Posted by Thomas Eschenbacher 2011-11-27

v0.8.6 released

0.8.6 [2011-03-07]

  • bugfix: copy/paste with partial track selection failed
  • bugfix: labels update after undo of copy&paste failed on multitrack signals
  • string/i18n update from Panagiotis Papadopoulos
  • bugfix: invocation of xgettext was wrong, left untranslated strings
  • plugin API change: support for translateable short description
  • about plugin: use plugin info from PluginManager
  • bugfix: last directory of file dialogs sometimes got lost
  • bugfix: wrong message when canceling Ogg import
  • replaced sched_yield() with QThread::yieldCurrentThread()
  • added cmake parameter for disabling optimized memcpy support
  • integrated patch #3021795 for Qt-4.7 compatibility
  • bugfix: optimized memcpy for PPC (SF bug #3068664)
  • doc: upgrade to DocBook XML V4.2 / V1.1
  • build fixes for qt-4.7
  • no longer using QSplashScreen (has side effects, operates as modal window)
  • bugfix: startup as unique application did not work correctly
  • bugfix: potential crash in message loop of progress dialog
  • bugfix: handling of track selection was wrong in reverse plugin
  • workaround for bug in libaudiofile: some files have sampe rate zero,
    falling back to 8000 samples/sec in that case (audio/x-ircam, sun, BE)
  • bugfix: reverse failed on files smaller than the internal block size
  • using entities for URLs in handbook, to simplify maintenance
  • bugfix in cmake files: some invocations of STREQUAL lacked quotes
Posted by Thomas Eschenbacher 2011-03-07

v0.8.5 released

0.8.5 [2009-12-24]

  • new feature: playback via PulseAudio
  • applied kwave-0.8.2-nolinguas.patch (see gentoo bug #267702)
  • support for the Gentoo build system that steals .po files
  • no longer default to english language for documentation and gui l10n
  • fixed use count mismatch of plugins
  • bugfix: playback control: continuing after pause continued from start
  • bugfix: G.711 encoded wav files support only 16 bit signed format
  • new assignment for mouse wheel:
  • without modifier key: scroll left/right
  • with Shift: page left/right
  • with Ctrl: zoom in/out
  • with Alt: vertical zoom in/out
  • bugfix: support sysinfo.mem_unit when >= 4GB RAM are installed
  • bugfix: crash in progress dialog handling (crashed when closing a plugin
    after finishing it's work)
  • new ebuild for Gentoo
Posted by Thomas Eschenbacher 2009-12-24

v0.8.4 released

0.8.4 [2009-09-26]

  • new feature: support for primitive macros (batch files), playback only
  • new plugin: change sample rate
  • using libsamplerate (new dependency)
  • new feature: sample rate conversion on clipboard data
  • new feature: abillity to set recording start time in advance
    (feature requested by John David Thompson)
  • bugfix: drag&drop of files on the main window was broken
  • workaround for bug in id3lib which crashed in ID3_Tag::GetSize()
    with some MP3 files (see id3lib upstream bug at SF #2821464)
  • bugfix: recording via ALSA, crash on snd_pcm_close(),
    see SF bug #2816544
  • bugfix: playback plugin: infinite loop when switching from OSS to ALSA
  • bugfix: forcing clipboard and drag&drop data to uncompressed mode
  • bugfix: deadlock in progress bar handling
  • bugfix: crash when unloading plugins with queued events
  • help/about dialog: hide "translators" tab if no translator available
  • help/about dialog: hack to allow web addresses of translators
  • bugfix: selection was not set after "paste" and undo of other operations
  • bugfix: label handling in context of "delete" and "undo" was broken
  • bugfix: invalidation of overview cache after delete was not correct
  • bugfix: artefacts in track display in min/max overview mode
  • bugfix: add/delete/modify of labels did not set the state of the
    current file to "modified"
  • bugfix: record dialog caused shutdown to hang when closed while recording
  • bugfix: decoding 32bit/sample was broken
  • bugfix: recording level meter consumed 100% cpu
  • new make target: "make apidoc" for internal doxygen documentation
  • bugfix: some images and icons in non-english documentation were missing
  • volume plugin: preview was not updated on first use of plugin
Posted by Thomas Eschenbacher 2009-09-27

v0.8.3-2 bugfix release

0.8.3-2 [2009-07-04]

  • bugfix: re-enabled detection of optimized memcpy function
  • bugfix: deadlock in recording plugin and plugin management
  • bugfix: ID3 tag import did not work
  • taking ID3 tag for "album" as "product" in wav meta data
  • taking ID3 tag for "track" as "subject" in wav meta data
Posted by Thomas Eschenbacher 2009-07-04

v0.8.3 released

0.8.3 [2009-06-28]

  • integrated 05-do-not-install-so-symlinks.diff from Debian
    (thanks to Aurelien)
  • cs i18n update from Pavel Fric
  • new plugin: normalize
  • progress bar in volume plugin did not work
  • flattened "Fx" menu, no submenus for amplify and filter
  • bugfix: workaround for libaudiofile bug produced wrong header
    in 24bit/sample mode
  • bugfix: "fade outro" was broken
  • bugfix: the dialog when playing the test sound in the playback
    setup dialog did not appear
  • replaced qreal with double (fixes build problems on arm)
  • show hourglass / progress bar when undo/redo is running
  • flattened "Calculate" menu, no submenus for "Frequencies"
  • wav encoder: auto-switch to unsigned format for <= 8bit and
    signed format for > 8 bit per sample
  • volume plugin: show a little "preview" for guessing the level
  • bugfix: after deleting a track, file info was not updated
  • about plugin: separate tab for translators
  • made plugin API version configurable per plugin
  • recognize mime type "audio/x-vorbis+ogg" (found in KDE-4)
  • updated czech gui translation and user manual from Pavel Fric
  • bugfix: crashes when deleting objects that still have event queued
    with Qt::QueuedConnection -> now using Qt::BlockingQueuedConnection
  • new plugin: reverse
  • speedup: limiting the number of progress bar updates per second
  • memory manager: fixed multithreading issues, improved OOM behaviour
  • bugfix: received SIGBUS in SwapFile when disk was full
  • improved performance of memory management
  • require Qt4 v4.5.0 or newer
Posted by Thomas Eschenbacher 2009-06-29

v0.8.2 released

0.8.2 [2009-04-25]

  • bugfix: minor off-by-one bug in buffer handling
  • wav/RIFF parser: be more robust if the file has not been correctly padded
  • bugfix in wav encoder: padding for info and label chunk was missing
  • bugfix: if two markers were too close and displayed at the same
    pixel position they eliminated each other through XOR mode
  • bugfix: numeric overflow when trying to select labels in high zoom factors
  • bugfix: not all positions were selectable due to internal rounding errors
  • silence plugin now supports all modes
  • use "unsigned" sample format per default when creating new files
    with <= 8 bits/sample
  • bugfix: playback position was shown on startup
  • bugfix: show correct file size in progress dialog
  • bugfix: crash when deleting label from end of signal
  • bugfix: overview was wrong when deleted space after signal was visible
  • bugfix: overview was not always synchronized after delete/insert
  • bugfix: "modified" state got lost during undo
  • use ALSA per default for playback/record if nothing has been selected yet
  • fixed calculation of undo/redo sizes
  • undo/redo handling for sample range and track selection
  • processing updates of overview widget in a background thread
  • memory management: no longer evaluate RLIMIT_RSS, gives more
    available physical memory
  • portability fix: swapfile creation/destruction went wrong
  • feature: memory for undo/redo can now be configured
  • bugfix: handling of "continue without undo" produced wrong undo/redo states
    and asked several times
  • bugfix: file progress did not do GUI updates, cancel button did not work
  • bugfix: assert in record plugin if no valid sample rate available
  • speedup for generation of signal overviews in min/max mode
  • bugfix: MultiTrackWriter produced one extra sample (off by one error)
  • workaround for bug in libaudiofile: sometimes libaudiofile produces
    broken files as it uses 'float' for internal calculations (wrong size
    of 'data' and 'RIFF' chunk) => see ubuntu bug #327018
  • implemented "debug" plugin, with internal functions for test and
    verification (quality improvement)
  • added czech gui translation from Pavel Fric <>
  • bugfix: after creating a new empty file, "revert" was possible
  • speed optimizations in buffer handling
  • speedup: limiting the rate of progress updates when loading and saving files
  • fixed displayed names of actions based on the "amplifyfree" plugin
  • bugfix: menu entry translation did not work correctly
  • bugfix: deleteLater on menu nodes did not work,
    implemented own garbage collector
  • speedup: use different block sizes for interactive and non-interactive mode
Posted by Thomas Eschenbacher 2009-04-25

v0.8.1 released

0.8.1 [2008-12-23]

  • replaced application icon, now using a scalable svg image
  • replaced GSL with FFTW3, which is license compatible with Kwave
  • use implicit sharing for Label class
  • new clipboard implementation, using the clipboard of KDE (X11)
  • fixed enable/disable of copy/paste functions depending on clipboard state
  • re-enabled function "flush clipboard"
  • re-enabled function "invert track selection"
  • re-enabled function "select all tracks"
  • implemented plugin for "go to position..."
  • added status bar item for current cursor position
  • show current playback position in status bar
  • show selection in overview widget
  • bugfix: mode switch in time selection widget did not work properly
  • bugfix: handle situation when adding or moving a label to a
    location that is already occupied by another label
  • show labels in overview widget
  • show current playback position in overview widget
  • overview widget: dimming parts that are out of view
  • no longer needing builtin copy of libaudiofile, removed
Posted by Thomas Eschenbacher 2008-12-23

v0.8.0 released

0.8.0 [2008-09-27]

  • ported to KDE4 / Qt4
  • dropped support for FLAC API v1.1.1 and older
  • support for ALSA lib API v1.0.16
  • made MP3 decoder disabled per default due to legal issues
  • fixed bug in cue list parsing of .wav files
  • fixed bugs in recording plugin, recorded too much if recording time
    limit was activated or in prerecording mode
  • a much nicer splash screen
  • bugfix in label handling: support labels with zero-length names
  • re-arranged source files for cleaner library interfaces
  • re-enabled accelerator keys for 0..9
  • using horizontal scrollbar instead of overview widget
  • implemented vertical zoom (Ctrl + MouseWheelUp/Down)
  • using more standard KDE keyboard shortcuts
  • nicer icons for the menus
  • using more icons from the crystal icon collection (to clearify
    the license situation)
  • removed aRts support
  • now also available through the openSUSE build service for
    various platforms
  • respect the LINGUAS environment variable to build only needed
    languages (defaulting to all)
  • removed changelog from online manual to simplify the work of
  • no longer dependent from "recode"
  • recording plugin: show current recording time in status bar
  • fixed infinite loop on undo/redo of channel selection
  • usage of GSL can be disabled through cmake parameter -DWITH_GSL=OFF
  • support for OSS v4 (integrated sf feature request #1870434)
Posted by Thomas Eschenbacher 2008-09-28

v0.7.11 released

0.7.11 [2007-12-09]

  • new internal streaming architecture, based on Qt instead of aRts
  • aRts support is now disabled per default
  • some minor bugfixes for x86_64 support
  • band pass plugin
Posted by Thomas Eschenbacher 2007-12-09

v0.7.10 released

0.7.10 [2007-08-08]

  • build system: using 'METASOURCES=AUTO' (which simplifies a lot)
  • ported the build system to cmake
  • support for newer APIs of FLAC v1.1.3 and v1.1.4
    (closes SF bugs #1713655 and #1757716 + debian bugs #427747, #426668
    and #431199)
  • replaced problematic code in libaudiofile with new code under the
    LGPL, contributed by Bertrand Songis (partially fixes debian bug #419124)
  • update of the online documentation to reflect the change of the make system
Posted by Thomas Eschenbacher 2007-08-09

v0.7.9 released

0.7.9 [2007-05-01]

  • playback via ALSA: offer the "default" device, if no devices found
    offer the "null" device
  • implemented import and export of labels, currently only for uncompressed
    wav files
  • new plugin for saving blocks between labels as separate files
  • new function: expand selection to labels
  • new function: select next/previous range between labels
  • bugfix: don't change the file name when saving only the selection
  • new configure option: --enable-doc=yes/no to enable/disable the
    generation of the online documentation (default=yes)
Posted by Thomas Eschenbacher 2007-05-01

v0.7.8 released

0.7.8 [2006-12-31]

  • bugfix: workaround for bug in ALSA, crashed when initializing
    the dsnoop plugin
  • bugfix: error in swap file handling, one sample was destroyed
    when resizing. Affects cut, delete, crop and many other functions.
  • fixed the incorrect usage of the word "loose" (thanks to J.T. Hundley)
  • bugfix: went back to old implementation of ThreadsafeX11Guard class
    in order to fix a deadlock (closes sourceforge bug #1623357)
  • documentation update: mention Subversion instead of CVS
  • zero plugin: new mode, support for inserting a range filled with silence
  • fixed the macro functions "Fade Leadin" and "Fade Leadout", using the
    new mode of the 'zero' plugin
Posted by Thomas Eschenbacher 2007-01-01

v0.7.7 released

0.7.7 [2006-09-17]
* new feature: implemented a small widget that shows the current
selection position and the selection borders
* new feature: context menu for the signal widget (right mouse button)
* improved file open dialog: show "All Files" and "All Supported Files"
* bugfix: error in handling of mouse selection
* bugfix: recording only used the first channel
(closes sourceforge bug #1551050)
* install plugins kde_moduledir/plugins/kwave instead of

Posted by Thomas Eschenbacher 2006-09-17

v0.7.6 released

0.7.6 [2006-06-05]

  • bugfix: recording setup crashed when called for the first time
  • bugfix: do no longer crash when recording device is not
    present or opening failed
  • bugfix: fixed generation of rpm dependency for libmad
  • bugfix: update the size of the level meter if the dialog size has changed
  • record plugin: added a fancy status bar
  • record plugin: added autodetect/scanning for OSS devices
  • record plugin: added dsnoop plugin as ALSA source
  • record plugin: fewer annoying message boxes, instead show
    a short notice in the status bar for some seconds
  • record plugin: add logarithmic scale to the level meter and use 3 colors
  • playback plugin: added autodetect/scanning for OSS devices
  • playback plugin / ALSA: support for 18 and 20 bits/sample
  • playback plugin / ALSA: support for big endian
Posted by Thomas Eschenbacher 2006-06-05

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