v0.8.2 released

0.8.2 [2009-04-25]

  • bugfix: minor off-by-one bug in buffer handling
  • wav/RIFF parser: be more robust if the file has not been correctly padded
  • bugfix in wav encoder: padding for info and label chunk was missing
  • bugfix: if two markers were too close and displayed at the same
    pixel position they eliminated each other through XOR mode
  • bugfix: numeric overflow when trying to select labels in high zoom factors
  • bugfix: not all positions were selectable due to internal rounding errors
  • silence plugin now supports all modes
  • use "unsigned" sample format per default when creating new files
    with <= 8 bits/sample
  • bugfix: playback position was shown on startup
  • bugfix: show correct file size in progress dialog
  • bugfix: crash when deleting label from end of signal
  • bugfix: overview was wrong when deleted space after signal was visible
  • bugfix: overview was not always synchronized after delete/insert
  • bugfix: "modified" state got lost during undo
  • use ALSA per default for playback/record if nothing has been selected yet
  • fixed calculation of undo/redo sizes
  • undo/redo handling for sample range and track selection
  • processing updates of overview widget in a background thread
  • memory management: no longer evaluate RLIMIT_RSS, gives more
    available physical memory
  • portability fix: swapfile creation/destruction went wrong
  • feature: memory for undo/redo can now be configured
  • bugfix: handling of "continue without undo" produced wrong undo/redo states
    and asked several times
  • bugfix: file progress did not do GUI updates, cancel button did not work
  • bugfix: assert in record plugin if no valid sample rate available
  • speedup for generation of signal overviews in min/max mode
  • bugfix: MultiTrackWriter produced one extra sample (off by one error)
  • workaround for bug in libaudiofile: sometimes libaudiofile produces
    broken files as it uses 'float' for internal calculations (wrong size
    of 'data' and 'RIFF' chunk) => see ubuntu bug #327018
  • implemented "debug" plugin, with internal functions for test and
    verification (quality improvement)
  • added czech gui translation from Pavel Fric <pavelfric@seznam.cz>
  • bugfix: after creating a new empty file, "revert" was possible
  • speed optimizations in buffer handling
  • speedup: limiting the rate of progress updates when loading and saving files
  • fixed displayed names of actions based on the "amplifyfree" plugin
  • bugfix: menu entry translation did not work correctly
  • bugfix: deleteLater on menu nodes did not work,
    implemented own garbage collector
  • speedup: use different block sizes for interactive and non-interactive mode
Posted by Thomas Eschenbacher 2009-04-25

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