v0.8.0 released

0.8.0 [2008-09-27]

  • ported to KDE4 / Qt4
  • dropped support for FLAC API v1.1.1 and older
  • support for ALSA lib API v1.0.16
  • made MP3 decoder disabled per default due to legal issues
  • fixed bug in cue list parsing of .wav files
  • fixed bugs in recording plugin, recorded too much if recording time
    limit was activated or in prerecording mode
  • a much nicer splash screen
  • bugfix in label handling: support labels with zero-length names
  • re-arranged source files for cleaner library interfaces
  • re-enabled accelerator keys for 0..9
  • using horizontal scrollbar instead of overview widget
  • implemented vertical zoom (Ctrl + MouseWheelUp/Down)
  • using more standard KDE keyboard shortcuts
  • nicer icons for the menus
  • using more icons from the crystal icon collection (to clearify
    the license situation)
  • removed aRts support
  • now also available through the openSUSE build service for
    various platforms
  • respect the LINGUAS environment variable to build only needed
    languages (defaulting to all)
  • removed changelog from online manual to simplify the work of
  • no longer dependent from "recode"
  • recording plugin: show current recording time in status bar
  • fixed infinite loop on undo/redo of channel selection
  • usage of GSL can be disabled through cmake parameter -DWITH_GSL=OFF
  • support for OSS v4 (integrated sf feature request #1870434)
Posted by Thomas Eschenbacher 2008-09-28

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