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v0.8.3 released

0.8.3 [2009-06-28]

  • integrated 05-do-not-install-so-symlinks.diff from Debian
    (thanks to Aurelien)
  • cs i18n update from Pavel Fric
  • new plugin: normalize
  • progress bar in volume plugin did not work
  • flattened "Fx" menu, no submenus for amplify and filter
  • bugfix: workaround for libaudiofile bug produced wrong header
    in 24bit/sample mode
  • bugfix: "fade outro" was broken
  • bugfix: the dialog when playing the test sound in the playback
    setup dialog did not appear
  • replaced qreal with double (fixes build problems on arm)
  • show hourglass / progress bar when undo/redo is running
  • flattened "Calculate" menu, no submenus for "Frequencies"
  • wav encoder: auto-switch to unsigned format for <= 8bit and
    signed format for > 8 bit per sample
  • volume plugin: show a little "preview" for guessing the level
  • bugfix: after deleting a track, file info was not updated
  • about plugin: separate tab for translators
  • made plugin API version configurable per plugin
  • recognize mime type "audio/x-vorbis+ogg" (found in KDE-4)
  • updated czech gui translation and user manual from Pavel Fric
  • bugfix: crashes when deleting objects that still have event queued
    with Qt::QueuedConnection -> now using Qt::BlockingQueuedConnection
  • new plugin: reverse
  • speedup: limiting the number of progress bar updates per second
  • memory manager: fixed multithreading issues, improved OOM behaviour
  • bugfix: received SIGBUS in SwapFile when disk was full
  • improved performance of memory management
  • require Qt4 v4.5.0 or newer
Posted by Thomas Eschenbacher 2009-06-29

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