v0.8.5 released

0.8.5 [2009-12-24]

  • new feature: playback via PulseAudio
  • applied kwave-0.8.2-nolinguas.patch (see gentoo bug #267702)
  • support for the Gentoo build system that steals .po files
  • no longer default to english language for documentation and gui l10n
  • fixed use count mismatch of plugins
  • bugfix: playback control: continuing after pause continued from start
  • bugfix: G.711 encoded wav files support only 16 bit signed format
  • new assignment for mouse wheel:
  • without modifier key: scroll left/right
  • with Shift: page left/right
  • with Ctrl: zoom in/out
  • with Alt: vertical zoom in/out
  • bugfix: support sysinfo.mem_unit when >= 4GB RAM are installed
  • bugfix: crash in progress dialog handling (crashed when closing a plugin
    after finishing it's work)
  • new ebuild for Gentoo
Posted by Thomas Eschenbacher 2009-12-24

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